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Hope I?m not too boring whith constant states of emergency.
I?m from .yu. I?m in budapest now. I need an invitation for a seminar,
or some cultural/arts/journalist acitivity. I need it cause for .yu
citizens (Serbs), it?s not possible to get visa in any other way. Once
I?m inside, I can arrange for staying permanently. I?m ready to do
whatever the program requires. I have previous journalist experience
("Virus", journalist workshops and schools, I held a seminar on
journalism once in Kovacica (yu)); I am in several social action groups
in .yu (XXL Creative Youth Group, Postpessimists Belgrade, Yugoslav
Youth Association for Combat Against AIDS?) and was an activist of
Antiwar Campaign and Resistance!. I was even coordinator of the media
solutions group in the Antiwar Campaign.
I'm 18 years old, have just graduated from highschool.
I?ve found a place to stay until August 1st. still need an invitation
for EU as soon as possible, because the embassies are moving back to
Belgrade very soon and if I apply too late, I?ll have to go to Belgrade
to do it.
If I go back to Belgrade, it will be almost impossible to get out
again, at least until September. I presume they will reopen the border
for men by then, but even in peacetime, military obligants who have not
yet served the army need a confirmation from the military department
every time they want to leave the country. To get that I would have to
have an invitation, and after I had both the permision and invitation, 
I?d have to apply for a visa. It takes long. Whatever I would be going
to could end before I get everything I need (alternative: I could bribe
to get it sooner). Besides, I had a permision to leave the country for
5 days. I?ve already surpassed that time. If they notice this, I will
be courtmarshaled, cause leaving the country illegally during wartime
is equal (in terms of .yu law) to desertion. In other words, if I don?t
either apply for visa here very soon, or go back very soon, I could be
trapped in Hungaria. Of course, there?s always a possibility that they
wouldn?t check on me if I went back and that I won?t (yet) be called by
the military for regrutation, but if I don?t enlist at Belgrade
University by July (or August?), that possiblity will become
Notice: Regrutation means that they call every military obligant when
he turns 18, just to check if he is capable of serving the military and
to see that he will show up when called for conscription. If a .yu
citizen wants to be a concientious objector, he has to state it then.
For some reason, I have not yet been called for this. Probably because
I?m not listed in any municipal military department. However, the army
seized and copied all lists of highschool students from the schools and
it is quite possible that they would check if I enlisted whith a
university. If they found out I didn?t, I would certainly be
conscripted (Students can postpone serving the army until they graduate
or turn 27 or 28 years of age).
Hope someone can help me, or else?

           Mihajlo Acimovic 

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