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Re: Syndicate: moral responsibility

> If you want to make the statement "I belong to X", surely one has
> to take some responsibility for X.

    Some people think that if you always (in good or bad) support
    your government or national sports team, you are a true XXX.

    I take it differently. I don't feel like a part of a nation
    which must be surrounded with state borders. I feel like an
    inhabitant of the Planet, but... I don't think that all the
    Earthlings should speak one language, enjoy one drink, have
    one flag and the same customs.

    I feel like a part of the cultural landscape in which I live.

    I like to eat stuffed cabbage leafs ("sarma od kis'o kupus")
    more than fifteen BigMacs on a pile. I like to drink Boza (a
    traditional Balkan fizzy drink), but Americans usually drink
    Coke. Serbs drink slivovitz and Russians drink vodka. Europeans
    like soccer, but Americans are more into football. American
    folk music does not resemble traditional Turkish melodies...

    ...and you don't need to take ANY responsibilities, just to
    be able to FEEL like you belong to a distinct cultural
    landscape... Oh, you (personally) have to take one: you must
    allow all the other people to feel the same.

> This is the debate that's going on in Australia now: can we
> accept responsibility for a genocide that started 200 years
> ago? If not, then who are we?

    You cannot take any responsibility for something YOU haven't
    done. There is no collective responsibility. Simple as that.



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