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Syndicate: Constance Penley: Women, NASA and Star Trek

Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 15:30:46 -0500
From: Lisa Le Feuvre <> (by way of Kathy Rae Huffman)
Subject: [faces] Constance Penley talk

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Talk with Constance Penley at The Photographers' Gallery  (London)

Wednesday 23 June at 19.00
Constance Penley
Women, NASA and Star Trek

To celebrate Space 1999 , a 10 day festival of independent and
community-based space exploration organised by the Association of
Autonomous Astronauts (AAA), The Photographers? Gallery is pleased to
announce that Constance Penley will be speaking on Wednesday June 23 at

Constance Penley is the author of NASA/TREK: Popular Science and Sex in
America, which examines the role of space travel in popular imagination.
This evening she will look at  the way that NASA has openly borrowed
from the TV show Star Trek, and also at her Melrose Place project two
years on.

Constance Penley is Professor of Film Studies and Women's Studies at the
University of California, Santa Barbara. She is a founding editor of
Camera Obscura  and author of The Future of an Illusion: Film Feminism
and Psychoanalysis, editor of Feminism and Film Theory and co-editor
ofTechnoculture, Male Trouble and the forthcoming The Visible Woman:
Imaging Technologies, Gender, and Science.

Tickets for this event are £4 or £2.50 members / concessions

For further information and to book tickets contact The Photographers'
Gallery on 0171 831 1772 or

Space 1999 is part of the AAA's Five Year Plan to establish by the year
2000 a world-wide network of groups dedicated to building their own

Lisa Le Feuvre
Programme Organiser (Talks and Events)
The Photographers Gallery
5 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7HY, UK
tel: + 44 (0)171 831 1772
fax: + 44 (0)171  836 9704

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