Olga Shishko on Thu, 17 Jun 1999 21:47:26 +0400

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Syndicate: Trash-Ar

Hi all trashists, participants 
and visitors of the net festival Trash-Art!
We are happy to announce the list of projects 
which were selected by the juries. In some days we'll present you 

rhythm 10nomination: Anarchistic Project 
generative ascii poetryscapes navigation wreck-wire-meant : absence of 
desire 0 /| / ~~~~~~ no way out 

Namniyas AshuratovaEnemy 
processing systemnomination: Ecological Project 
The project "Enemy processing system" is an attempt to use 
aggression and hate as a material for an artwork. An interactive form of this 
site allows visitors to take part in the creation of a joint creative work. 
Frederic Madresearch collisionnomination: Ecological 
Recycling search pages as dynamic wallpaper. Layout the business of search 
on a dissection table and see it twitch like a strange bug. It's always fresh 
but still it looks dead. You have time to wonder why and what you are really 
looking for. Like fish at the market stall, you can tell the best one by the 
glue around its eyesocket. This was commissioned for the Rhizome web site; it 
only works with Netscape browsers. (when in doubt, hit the escape key) 
kostja mitenevnext futurenomination: Ecological Project 

positive future 
wendy vissarLekso's 
Codeboxnomination: Ecological Project 
A personal/cultural exploration of codes both ancient and in the digital 
Alexei Shulgin386 
DX Cyberpunk Rockband nomination: Ecological Project 
386 DX - the world's first Cyberpunk Rockband All band in one 386 computer, 
and it's cool! The machine sings and plays for you so nothing human can disturb 
your perception of the Music! Live! Real time! No sampling! Operated by Alexei 
Shulgin himself. 
Frederic Madrem.s.t.nomination: Anarchistic Project 
m.s.t. means "moi sans toi" (me without you) and also 
"maladie sexuellement transmissible" (venereal disease). It is an 
appropriation of the rethorics of pornography on the internet to present the 
atrocious carcass of a failing love affair. When the flesh is discarded the 
organs are revealed, some of them functioning, others barely retaining the shape 
of what is no more. The visitor of this ruin can either look and go away or 
decide to dig in the remains and, perhaps, salvage putrefied souvenirs or me 
without you. 
Ian CampbellIMPERIALISMnomination: Anarchistic 
realaudio destruction of language 
ian campbellDark 
Meatnomination: Anarchistic Project 
Trivial #2 
defragmenternomination: Anarchistic Project 

Artur Punte & Vladimir Svetlovideal wear shop AsYouLikeItnomination: Radical 
Conformist Project 
..For As You Like It shooting people came with thier wardrobe, some of them 
with small bags, others with fully-packed rucksacks.This was the clothes they 
usualy wear, the clothes they chose for themselves. Being photographed, they 
advertised it. A stage or photostudio was imitated where ads are shooted. Maybe 
it is Riga'999 street fashion from angle, but, most probably, it is the ironic 
imitation of commercial high fashion world. As You Like It is an altruistic 
imitation of a shop or catalogue, here everithing is almost real -- trade-mark, 
advertising, marketing strategy. Inadequate prises look like ridicule on 
arrogant fashion designers, but, what is more important, those prices 
"clarify" the whole project, saving its aesthetic essence.. 
mr.FARSHnomination: Radical Conformist Project 
nonsense, kicked brain 
mi_ga@o-o.ltfw: [7-11]nomination: Ecological Project 


Alexei ShulginRemedy for Information Diseasenomination: 
Anarchistic Project 
All is flashing in front of our eyes: people, news, goods, theories, 
images... If you feel that you are close to (or have already got) information 
overload, then we welcome you! If you do not feel this, or perhaps you may just 
not notice, then you are welcome too! This is a new remedy and cure for 
information disease. Flashing cures disease caused by flashing! Just follow 
instructions, relax and you will get a specially developed, tested, 
non-aggressive, refreshing, meditative flow of flashing, which will help you to 
recover. Get well!  

Elena Ivanova, Irina Aktuganova,Olga Levina
cyber-femin-clubnomination: Ecological 
This is a project of utilization and organisation of cyborg's, women's and 
chaotic life experience. 

intimazvrst3nomination: Ecological Project 
ask not what you can do for your country - ask what your country can do for 
Leo Stepanov"MAFIA-MOUSETRAP"nomination: Radical 
Conformist Project 
wrml project 
Grzinic/SmidAxis of Lifenomination: Radical Conformist 
Radical look at conformist history of the axis of life 
ian campbellLight 
Meatnomination: Anarchistic Project 
Trivial #1