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Syndicate: UNESCO Web Priz

Subject: UNESCO Web Prize
From: Gerhard Haupt <>
Date: Wed, 09 Jun 1999 17:35:56 +0200

Hello everybody,

>From Axel Plathe I received the notification that the deadline for
registration to the UNESCO Web Prize has been extended to 15 June, 1999.

I think, this may be interesting for the members of our mailing list who
are making big efforts for producing cultural content for the net.
That's why I'm forwarding the official press release. Good luck to
anybody who wants to take part in this competition.

Referring to the discussion on net art/art on the net and cultural
diversity in the internet, I recommend to visit the projects submitted
last year:

Also I would like to personally welcome all the new members who joined
the mailing list in the last weeks. At the moment there are 285 members
subscribed to our forum.

Best wishes,
Gerhard Haupt
moderator of the forum


Artists, designers and programmers are invited to submit their websites
in the areas of education, science, culture and communication for
selection for the 1999 UNESCO Web Prize which will be awarded next

The Web Prize has been created in recognition of the growing cultural
and societal importance of the new information and communication
technologies and to recompense their use in the promotion of the
Organization's ideals. It is attributed within the framework of UNESCO
Prizes for the Promotion of the Arts. The Prize covers two categories:

Category I - Free Theme:
The contents of the websites should be related to international
co-operation in education, science, culture and communication, possibly
concerning UNESCO's priority target groups (women, young people, Africa
and the least developed countries), multi-lingualism and

Category II - Public Domain:
UNESCO strongly promotes access to and free flow of information. The
ultimate goal of the information society is to empower through access to
and use of knowledge. One of the main goals of UNESCO is to re-define
"universal access" to information. Websites submitted in this category
may offer access to texts, intellectual and social issues and benefits
of accessibility to information in the public domain.

The prize of US$10,000, awarded annually, will be given by the
Director-General of UNESCO to the creator(s) of the best website in each
category (i.e. US$5,000 each).

The Web Prize 1998 was awarded to the creators of the Brazilian website
on the Kamayura and Urubu-Kaapor tribes, 24-year-old web designer Silvia
Lunazzi, Nadia Karasawa and Etienne Samain
[] .

Registrations can be made:
- on-line
- or by mail to: The Director, Information and Informatics Division,
UNESCO, 1, rue Miollis, 75352 Paris 07 SP, France. Projects must be
submitted by Friday, 30 July 1999 at the latest.

A poster publicising the Prize will be displayed in venues in more than
180 countries around the world. Designed by graphic arts student
Jennifer Moore, it was chosen from entries produced by a group of
students at the University of Florida (USA)


For more information, please see the websites:

Web Prize 1999:

UNESCO Web Prize - home:

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