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Syndicate: soli...youth against war n artists for peace, next step

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 20:01:38 +0200
From: marsmatic <>
Subject:  soli...youth against war n artists for peace,nextstep

Humanitarian action - feel free to join

Students' Club Idrija (Slovenia) and Radio Grenouille from Marseille (France)
are preparing a humanitarian action to help refugees from Kosovo and civilians
of Serbia. The action is entitled Youth against War ñ Artists for Peace.  Our
goal is to express solidarity and help to those who have been affected by the
war. This is our way of showing empathy and care.

The humanitarian action will take place in Idrija, on Friday, June 18th 1999
on the St. Ahacij square, from 11h am to 03h am next day. During this time,
various rock groups from Idrija will perform their acts. Besides that, DJs
>from Slovenia and France will contribute to the event. A flea market will
accompany the performances, trying to motivate each individuals' participation
in the humanitarian action. There will also be room for artists who will ñ by
selling their works ñ add financial help in their own way. Everyone is invited
to join us on Friday!

Financial and material help (in the form of medicines and other medical
equipment) is going to be forwarded to both refugees from Kosovo and civilians
in Serbia. Half of the means of help will be given to refugees of Kosovo
through the assistance of UNCHR. The other half is meant for the hospital in
PanÃ?evo (through the International Red Cross) and for the Cinema REX cultural
centre in Beograd which provides resources for many Serbian artists.

The humanitarian action is going to be recorded and reachable through the
Internet on the site
Napaka! Zaznamek ni doloÃ?en.. (Real audio and Real video). Live coverage of
the event will include various European and Slovenian radio stations. Because
of this, the first ten minutes of each full hour at the event are going to be
inviting participants to express their opinions and feelings about this
humanitarian action and the situation in Federal Republic of Yugoslavia live
on stage.

A public forum is going on the Internet at the same time as the event takes
place in Idrija. All messages that we receive and exchange will be available
for the visitors of the humanitarian action for their reflection as well.
Your messages and greetings for the participants of the event, for the
listeners of the radio coverage and for the on-line listeners are going to be
transmitted live during the before-mentioned ten-minute periods of time each
full hour.
Your financial support can be sent in two ways: directly to the bank account
and through the Internet.

The humanitarian action Youth against War ñ Artists for Peace is organised by
Students' Club Idrija (KI©, Slovenia) and Radio Grenouille from Marseille
(France). KI© has decided to do the action because we are believe that war is
absurd and senseless. We want to show that we care about the situation in our
neighbourhood. Our main support is moral and also financial.
Radio Grenouille participates because of similar reasons. The whole action is
a result of cooperation between KI© members and a member of Radio Grenouille,
Aleksander NikoliÃ?. He is currently engaged in cultural projects in Marseille.
Before that, he worked in Vienna, dealing with the problematic of refugee
integration to their new environment ñ regardless of their nationality and

Organisators: KI© and Radio Grenouille
Place: St. Ahacij square in Idrija, Slovenia
Time: Friday, June 18th 1999 from 11h am to 03h am
Event: Humanitarian action Youth against war ñ Artists for Peace

Rock groups from Slovenia:
OKO  (Ljubljana)
Ã?'Kovaci (Novo Mesto)
DAN D (Novo mesto)
Suzine semi¼ke (Idrija)
Zaspana grapa (Idrija)
Jacuzzi (Idrija)
JejÃ?k (Idrija)

Losing control (Marseille):
DJ did (techno, elektro, house)
DJ ren.c (deep techno - ambient - groove)
Radyoyo (Ljubljana):
DJ Zeds & DJ Pier (fusion of hip hop & drum'n'bass)
DJ bruno catala pinguins rec/ montpellier

Other participants:
Exhibition and auction of paintings of  Novica DjeniÃ? (painter from Vienna)
Photographers and painters from Idrija
Gimnazija Jurija Vege Idrija (High school)
Jurij Pfeifer (painter form Idrija).

Ã?and of course, there's the flea market to accompany them.

Finantial support:

>From Slovenia:

(Klub Idrijskih ¼tudentov, Prelov�eva 2, 5280 Idrija)
Number of the bank account is 52020-678-76155  ªPomo�´

>From other countries (individuals and companies):
(Klub Idrijskih ¼tudentov, Prelov�eva 2, 5280 Idrija, Slovenia)
Bank: Nova ljubljanska banka, Trg revolucije 2, 1000 Ljubljana
Bank account number is 900-27620-957-43/7 ªHelp´

The bank account is valid till the end of June. Afterwards, the donators will
be informed about the amount of money we collected.

On Friday, June 18th there is also the possibility to show your support
through the Internet with a credit card. (Site:

Radio transmissions:
Real audio in Real video

Radio ©tudent - Ljubljana (SLO)
Radio MAR© - Maribor (SLO)
Radio Cerkno - Idrija (SLO)
Radio Grenouille - Marseille (France)
Radio B92 (The Netherlands)

Tiskarna Hren, Camera, KOS computers, ObÃ?ina Idrija, Krajevna skupnost Idrija,
Ozvo�evanje Matjaæ Slabe.

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