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Syndicate: Research Studentship Opportunities

From: Beryl Graham <> (by way of Eric Kluitenberg)
Subject: Research Studentship Opportunities

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NEW: Extended deadline to 28th June
Further information on:

The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art/University of Sunderland Research
Studentship in New Media Curation.

This new venture brings together the University's experience in
art-practice-led research with the Baltic Centre's special interest in 'new
media'. This Doctoral studentship will enable high-level practical
curatorial research over a three-year period, including a particular
relationship with the Baltic Centre.

Research proposals are welcome from those seeking to push the boundaries of
knowledge through practical projects. Applicants should have had some
experience as a practicing curator/artist in the field. Cross-media and
hybrid proposals are welcome.

The studentships attract a grant valued at 6455 pounds per year and tenable
over a three year period for students pursuing research programmes leading
to the award of Ph.D.

Closing date for applications: 28th June 1999.
Shortlisted applications will be called for an advisory interview in July.
Successful candidates notified in July.
Studentships commence 1 September 1999.

For further information see web site or contact:
Herbert Spring Tel: 0191 515 3229

Herbert Spring
Research Administrator
University of Sunderland
School of Arts, Design and Media
Ashburne House
Ryhope Road

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