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Syndicate: exhibition/symposium in Graz/A, 17-19 June 1999

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999 10:17:27 +0200
From: "ursprung" <>

Stadtpark 1, A-8010 Graz, tel/fax ++43.316.82 77 34
lädt ein zu folgender veranstaltung:


DO/THUR 17. 6. 20:00 eröffnung/opening
serbische künstlerInnen in belgrad und im exil

performance: tanja ostojic (belgrad/nantes), vladimir radonjic (belgrad)

vesna pavlovic (belgrad)
zoran naskovski (belgrad)
mirjana djordjevic (belgrad)
zana poliakov (belgrad)
apsolutno (wien/belgrad)


FR/FRI 18. 6.

11:00  gespräch mit den künstlerInnen und kuratorinnen/artists talks
14:00  marina grziniz (ljubljana) - it is not red, it is blood. thesis for
the re-politization of electronic media and the cyberworld
15:00  milena sesic (belgrad) - media war. CNN vs.RTS (serbian tv)
16:00  stevan vukovic (maastricht/belgrad) - "libidinal economy of the
"non-existing" war in a "non-existing" country"
18:00  video von malte olschewski
anschlieÃ?end podiumsdiskussion/round table
20:00  online-communication mit belgrad: reni hofmüller (esc, graz) mit
vladimir radonjic, zoran todorovic u.a. (belgrad). audioübertragung und
videoprojektion im forum stadtpark.

SA/SAT 19. 6.
unabhängige netzwerke.gegenöffentlichkeit/independent networks

11:00  gordana novakovic (london/belgrad) - info noise
12:00  boris buden (wien/kroatien) - the truth is not enough
14:00   vesna pavlovic (belgrad) - women in black
15:00  rena tangens (chaos computer club, BIONIC MailBox bielefeld) - ZaMir
transnational network
16:00  gordan paunovic (wien/belgrad) - between hammer and anvil: radio
b92 - before, during and after the war
17:00  jelena krivokapic (paris/belgrad) - boomerang
18:00  ivana zivkovic (wien/belgrad) - the period after

konzept/concept: zana poliakov (belgrad) und eva ursprung (graz)
mitarbeit, unterstützung und anregungen von/collaboration, support and
inspiration by: tanja ostojic, jelena krivokapic, armin medosch, florian
roetzer, reni hofmüller, ria grabner (alles lüge).

dank an: bka kunst, graz kult, steiermärkische landesregierung,
KulturKontakt, bürgermeister der stadt graz, adamer kopf art.

image: zoran naskovski featuring vesna pavlovic, frame from the video white
light white hit.


apsolutno - founded in 1993 in Novi Sad, YU. Their production is created
through collaboration of the four members (Zoran Pantelic, Dragan Rakic,
Bojana Petric and Dragan Miletic). APSOLUTNO started in the field of fine
arts. Gradually, their work has developed to include not only aesthetic, but
also social and political aspects, realized in various media (video, printed
materials, audio and web projects). Participation in (selection): Steirische
Herbst, Graz, 1997; Kwangju Biennale 97, Korea; Ostranenie 97 Festival of
Electronic Arts, Dessau (D); ifa galerie, Berlin, 1998; ISEA,
Liverpool/Manchester 1998; MECAD, II International Show of Interactive Art,
Barcelona, 1999; WRO99 Media Festival, Wroclaw, Poland

boris buden - born June 30, 1958. Croatian. Postgraduate study in modern
philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb (1985-1987), 1989 Faculty
of  Philosophy in Ljubljana, 1992 University Klagenfurt. 1984 to present:
free-lance writer. Coeditor of the magazine Arkzin Zagreb;  founder and
editor in chief of Bastard (Arkzin´s  theoretical supplement). Books:
Barikade, Bastard,  Zagreb 1996. Barikade II, Bastard,  Zagreb 1997. Essays
and articles in various cultural journals and media, e.g.: Kulturni radnik,
Filozofska istraæivanja, Radio Zagreb, Radio Beograd... Philosophie und
Krieg/Finkielkraut in Zagreb, Literatur und Kritik 261/262, Salzburg,
2/1992;  Der böse Serbe und der kritische Intellektuelle, Du 5/1993,
Zürich; Von der Autonomie des Tschuschenpunktes, Kulturrisse, 12/1997,
Wien; Imagining the Balkans, Kulturrisse, 3/1998, Wien

mirjana djordjevic - Born in Belgrade in 1967. Graduated from the Fine Arts
Academy in Belgrade in 1994. Postgraduate studies at the Kunstakademie
Dusseldorf (professor Klaus Rinke), 1994-1997. Individual and group shows
(selection): Ankara, 4th International Asian-European Art Biennial ?
Ataturk Art Prize, First Gold Medal; 1993 Venice, 45th Venice Biennial;
Novi Sad, Early Nineties ? The Yugoslav Art Scene; Belgrade, Fine Arts
Academy ? Painting Prize, Rista and Beta Vukanovic Fund; 1994 Vrsac, First
Yugoslav Youth Biennial ? Grand Prix; Munich, Europa ?94 ? Junge
Europäische Kunst; 1996 Belgrade, Museum of Contemporary Art; Pancevo,
Sculpture Triennial ? Triennial Prize; 1997 Thessaloniki,
Visible/Invisible, Contemporary Yugoslav Art; Mahares, Tunisia ?
International Festival of Plastic Arts ? Participation Medal.

marina grzinic - Born in Rijeka (Croatia); lives and works in Ljubljana,
Slovenia, from 1976. Doctoral degree in Philosophy. Researcher at the
Institute of Philosophy at the ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of
the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art) Ljubljana, freelance critic and
curator. Books (selection): In a Line for Virtual Bread. Time, Space, the
Subject and New Media in a Year 2000 (1996); Fiction Reconstructed. New
Media, Video, Art, Post Socialism and the Retro-Avantgarde. Essays in
Theory, Politics and Aesthetics (1997). Collaborative works with Alna Smid
in the field of video and media art since 1982, producing more than 30
videoart projects, numerous installations, a CD-ROM (artintact 4, ZKM,
1997) and site. Presentations and exhibitions in more than 100
video festivals worldwide. Several major awards: first prize at the
Videonale Bonn in 1992, Deutscher Videokunstpreis at ZKM Karlsruhe, first
prize at the 1. Festival international de video y artes electronicas,
Buenos Aires, 1996. Grzinic received a grant from International Agency
U.S.A. for videoart in 1988, and a postdoctoral research grant from the
Japanese Society in 1997.

jelena krivokapic - Born 1970 in Belgrade, SFR of YU. Graduated from art
history in 1996, Faculty of Philosophy at the Belgrade University.
Currently on postgraduate studies on Anthropology of visual, at « Ecole des
Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales », Paris, France. Organized several
exhibitions in Yugoslavia and abroad. Writing art criticism from 1994.
Published about 30 exhibition reviews and catalogue prefaces on art.
Currently developing the project "Boomerang" - Boomerang as a simple
metaphor of individual responsibility of "hitting the target", return-back
effect included. In a broader sense continuity of communication,
necessiting the brief exchange of ideas between creative individuals.

zoran naskovski - Born in 1960 in Izbiste, Vojvodina, YU. BA in visual arts,
University of the Arts /Faculty of Visual Arts/,Belgrade, YU 1986. Works in
different media, such as photography, video, multimedia installations,
audio and web projects. Solo exhibitions in Paris, Atlanta, Belgrade. Group
exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Russia; Tallin, Estonia; IFA Gallery,
Berlin, Germany; Belgrade; Novi Sad; Atlanta; Montenegro; Cape Town,
Republic of South Africa; Railway stations, Belgrade-Stockholm,
YU-Sweden... Awards: The award of 2nd SCCA Annual Exhibition, Belgrade, YU,
1987; The award of 19th Memmorial of Nadezda Petrovic, Cacak, YU, 1996.

gordana novakovic - graduated painting at the Belgrade Academy of Fine
Arts. 1974-1991 more than ten solo exhibitions as a painter in major cities
of former YU. Experimentation in the synthesis of traditional painting with
new technologies and other art forms. Since 1988 she has devoted primarily
to the electronic art and multimedia works and participated at
international festivals of electronic and multimedia art: ars electronica
(Linz), New York Digital Salon (USA), Video Dance (Cannes, Stockholm, New
York), ifa (Berlin), Cidade de Vigo (Spain), ISEA (Helsinki, Montreal), Art
Nürnberg (Germany) etc... Invited to collaborate in the urban design
research project in exploring new arts through new technologies (ICC tokyo).

tanja ostojic - born in 1972 in Uzice, YU. temporary lives in Nantes. 1990
graduated from professional design school and fine arts course for youth,
Belgrade; 1990-95 B.A. - Faculty of Fine Arts, Department for Sculpture,
Belgrade; 1995-98 enrolled in master´s degree; 1998-99 post-diplome, Ecole
Regionale des Beaux-Arts Nantes, France. Individual exhibitions and
performances e.g. 1999 ICA, london; FFA gallery, Belgrade. Group
exhibitions and festivals in Lyon, Nantes, Ljubljana, Luxembourg,
Belgrade... Scholarships: 1998-99 Ecole Régionale des Beaux Arts, Nantes,
France; 1996-97 fondation "Madlena Jankovic"; 1993-98 foundation for the
development of artistic and scientific youth of Republic Serbia.

vesna pavlovic  - Born in 1970 in Kladovo, Serbia, YU. Studies Film and TV
Camera at the Faculty of Drama, Belgrade. Trained as a cinematographer/film
framing, composition, lighting/ influenced the choice of photography as the
main field of work. Solo shows in Belgrade, Paris, Atlanta (USA). Group
shows in Novi Sad, Atlanta, Belgrade, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, Stockholm,
London, Kunsthalle Krems, Austria... 1992-1996 member of the SKART group.
WOMEN IN BLACK: Close cooperation with the feminist group Women in Black
since their constitution in the spring 1992. This small independent group
permanently demonstrated against war, published six large anti-war
monographs of documents and personal statements, pamphlets and pacifist

gordan paunovic - born 1964.  founding member of radio b92 (1989), radio
b92's head of music and freeb92 net events coordinator. music/sound/pop
culture analyst/journalist (the wire (UK), index on censorship (UK), XZ
(YU), ritam (YU) etc.). sound artist (ars electronica 96, 97, 98. various
collaborations with kunstradio vienna, european cultural month linz 98
etc). DJ (worldwide).

zana poliakov - the web cook secret strategy idoru. incept date: August 25,
1973, in Genetic Engineering Lab.Virgo/Leo. web authoring & cyberculture.
kitchen.netterorist.against windmills. artist for sale. hacker's icone.

milena sesic - Professor at the School of Drama Arts, Belgrade University
of Arts, (Cultural  Management, Cultural studies, Media studies). Director
of the Institute for the Theater, film, radio and television, Faculty of drama
arts, Belgrade . President of the Festival Board - BELEF (Belgrade Summer
Festival), since May 1997. Member of: Executive board Soros Fund Yugoslavia
(1992-1998); Evaluation Task Force for Art & Culture programs of Soros
foundations, 1998 ?1999; Soros SubBoard for Art & Culture since 1999; Board
of the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centers
/1992-1997); Yugoslav sociological association,  Association Internationale
des sociologues de langue francaise, The International association for
cultural economics, Yugoslave Association for performing Arts, Yustat  -
Board Vice-president. Author of  7 books, she has published 100 articles in
Yugoslavia and abroad, and participated in more then 60 scientific
conferences. Editor in chief of the review: Kultura (since 1998) and
Proceedings for Drama Arts, yearly review of Faculty of Drama Arts. Worked
in editorial boards of the reviews: Potkulture, 1985-1988, Socioloski
pregled 1992-1994, European Journal for Cultural policy, 1993-1997...

rena tangens - lives and works in Bielefeld, Germany. Experimental film,
video, free radio work. Brought the first modem onto documenta (d8!), and
women into the Chaos Computer Club. "Artist in residence" in Canada.
Founder of: gallery and art project "Art d'Ameublement" together with
padeluun (1984); monthly culture & technology event PUBLIC DOMAIN (1987);
association FoeBuD e.V.; BIONIC bbs. She took active part in the
development of the German political, non commercial networks Z-NETZ and /CL
as well as ZaMir Transnational Network in former Yugoslavia. Since 1990
software design for ZERBERUS, CHARON mail, news systems. Lectures, seminars
and consulting on network, culture, sustainability and education for
organisations, companies as well as the Enquete-Kommission of the German
Bundestag. Scientific research on androcentrism in the network. Some
publications: Hooffacker, Gabriele und Tangens, Rena: Online-Guide Frauen &
Netze. Reinbek, 1997; FoeBuD e.V. (Hg.): MailBox auf den Punkt gebracht.
Mit Zerberus und Crosspoint zu den Bürgernetzen. Bielefeld, Art
d'Ameublement, 1996. Tangens, Rena und padeluun: Auf dem Weg zu einer
Kommunikationsgesellschaft. In: Enquete-Kommission "Zukunft der Medien..."
Deutscher Bundestag (Hg.): Medienkompetenz im Informationszeitalter. Bonn,

stevan vukovic - Born in 1968 in Belgrade, YU. Studied art history and
philosophy at the Belgrade University. Graduated from philosophy in 1998.
Currently on postgraduate studies at Jan van Eyck Akademie for Art, Design
and Theory, in Maastricht, the Netherlands. Writing art criticsm from 1992.
Published about 150 exhibition reviews, catalogue prefaces and essays on
art. Won the "Lazar Trifunovic Award" for the best art criticism published
in YU in 1998. Curated a number of local and two international exhibitions.
Currently working on the book: "Ethnonationalism and the Matter of
Enjoyment: Art. Culture and Politics in Serbia in 1980's and 1990's", to be
published by Jan van Eyck Akademie in Maastricht in year 2000.

ivana zivkovic - born in 1970 in Nis, YU. 1997 till starting of the war PR
and Marketing director of Association of Independent Electronic Media ?
radio network (ANEM, association of 32 radio and 18 TV stations across
Yugoslavia, initialised by radio B92). Until 1992 working for RTS-Radio Nis
(National radio station) as journalist, presenter and correspondent for the
program ?Niko kao ja? on Radio Belgrade. Event Organising and Project
Management for sport events, fashion shows, theatre and music concerts.
Executive marketing director and PR manager of the BK Group (biggest
private corporation in YU consisting of 9 companies ? TV station, Bank,
Telecomunication company etc) and Belgrade based radio and television
station Studio B. Now working at ORF radio as journalist. Project manager
in establishing platform and organisation ?Initiative for democratic

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