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Syndicate: Fwd: film festival

dear all, 
this might be of interest for those putting together planned film and
video collection and not
only                                              best
From: "Sipos Reka" <Siposr@CEU.HU> 
To: Academic Coordinators / Budapest 
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 13:33:54 MET-1MEST 
Subject: film festival 
Priority: normal 

The Institute on Southeastern Europe of the Open Society Institute &
Central European University, Budapest cordially invites you to the
OPENING RECEPTION of the Southeast European Film Festival on 11-13 June
1999 as well as to the film  showings and panel discussion taking place
during the festival The Reception will be held on Friday, 11 June at
6:30 pm. in the foyer of the Central European University Auditorium
(1051 Budapest, Nador utca 9, ground floor) 

Budapest, 11-13 June 1999 Central European University 
Nador u. 9, Auditorium (ground floor) 


            FRIDAY, 11 June 
            18:30 Opening Reception 
            19:00 Alternative Head (Albania), short documentary,
directed by 
              Fatmir Koci 
              19:30 Idle Running (Slovenia), feature film, directed by
Janez Burger 
              SATURDAY, 12 June 17:00 BBB - Bad Blue Boys (Croatia),
              directed by Sasa Podgorelec 18:00 Films from Bosnia and
              The Man Who Has Exchanged His Home for a Tunnel short 
              documentary, directed by Elmir Jukic 
              Syndrome, short feature film, directed by Ines Tanovic 
              A Trip to the Moon, short feature film, directed by Srdjan
              The End of Unpleasant Times, short feature film, directed
by Pjer 
              19:00 After the End of the World
(Bulgaria/Greece/Germany), feature 
              film, directed by Ivan Nichev SUNDAY, 13 June 11:00 Senate
              Should Films Be Made During, and About, 'Historical
Times,' and How 
              Should It be Done" - panel discussion with the
participation of film 
              makers and producers, moderated by Rajko Grlic, film
              15:00 No Shoes to Heaven (Romania), short feature film,
directed by 
              Cristian Dumitru 15:30 Today, - Tomorrow... (Macedonia),
directed by 
              Igor Pop Trajkov 17:30 Films from Croatia: Graham & I - a
True Story, 
              short feature film, directed by Nenad Puhovski Good Luck!,
              documentary, directed by Dalibor Matanic, Tomislav
              Stanislav Tomic 
              Golden Ice Cream, short documentary, directed by Fatmir
              Drinking Water and Freedom III, short feature film, 
              directed by Rajko Grlic 
              19:30 The Powder Keg (Yugoslavia/France), feature film,
directed by 
              Goran Paskaljevic 

All films will be in the original version with English subtitles. 
Entrance is free. The organizers reserve the right to make unavoidable
changes in the program. 
For further information please contact: 
Reka Sipos, phone: 327 38 03, fax 327 3808 e-mail: siposr@ceu.hu 








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