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Press Release
After five years of the Project ARS AEVI's existence, we are happy to 
announce the opening of the exhibition:
Exhibition of the Collection. Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo

Sarajevo, June 25 - September 7, 1999
Skenderija Center

organized by the International Cultural Project ARS AEVI Museum of 
Contemporary Art Sarajevo.
	ARS AEVI is an international cultural project, granted with the patronage 
of UNESCO and the Council of Europe, working to bring to life a Museum of 
Contemporary Art in Sarajevo.
	Conceived by a group of intellectuals in Sarajevo in 1992, during the siege 
on the Bosnian city, the Project plans for the collection of the future 
Museum to be formed through the donation of art works by great artists of 
our time; these works having been displayed in the context of exhibitions 
organized for the Project by European Museums and Centers for Contemporary 
Beginning in 1994, thanks to the participation of the Centro Arte 
Contemporanea Spazio Umano in Milano, the Centro per l'arte contemporanea 
Luigi Pecci in Prato, the Moderna Galerija Lubljana, the Bevilacqua la Masa 
and the Querini Stampalia Foundations in Venezia, the Obala Art Center of 
Sarajevo and the Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig in Vienna, more than 
ninety works have been collected for Sarajevo.
	For its exceptional importance, the Project has received the support of 
many institutions and public and private entities, whose names we have 
included in the attached list.
For information:
Maja Bajevic, Press Office - Project ARS AEVI, Terezije bb, Skenderija,71000 
Tel. + 387 71 201 203, + 387 71 201 173
Fax: + 387 71 201 203, + 387 71 201 208
Corinne Voss, Press Office - Project ARS AEVI, Via di Capaccio 1, Firenze
Tel. +39 055 2657725 - 055 2676960  Fax: +39 055 287156  e-mail: 

General Direction BIH Sarajevo, Centar Skenderija, Terezija bb, Tel: 387 71 
201 203, Fax: 201 208, Email skend3@bih.net.ba
International Promotional Office Italy, Firenze, Via Del Capaccio 1, Tel: 39 
055 2657725  Fax: 287156, Email arsaevi@tin.it
The ARS AEVI International Art Project
(Under the patronage of UNESCO and the Council of Europe)

* The project started in July 1992 in Sarajevo, three months after the city 
was under siege.
* The concept of the project is to found one of Europe's largest modern art 
museums in Sarajevo.
* The goal of the Museum will be to present the most important movements in 
modern art at the end of the second millennium. Apart from its artistic 
value, the project also has great symbolic significance: the realisation of 
this project will show that spirit and art will always triumph over 
destruction and the forces of evil.
* The Museum's collection will be assured through the organisation of 
exhibitions in the greatest modern art museums in the world. Each museum 
taking part in the project will invite several artists (selected by the 
artistic director of that museum) whose work will become part of the 
collection of the ARS AEVI Museum in Sarajevo, once the exhibition has 
* Until now, exhibitions have been organised in the following museums :
-Milan : Centro arte contemporanea : Spazio umano (October 1994 - October 
-Prato : Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci (July 1996 - September 
-Ljubljana : Moderna galeria Ljubljana (September 1996 - December 1996),
-Sarajevo : Galerija obala Art Centra (June 1994 - December 1997),
-Venice : Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa (June 1997 - September 1997),
-Vienna : Museum moderner Kunst Stifttung Ludwig Wien (October 1998 - 
January 1999)
* According to prominent international art critics, the art work which has 
been collected in this way would constitute one of the most important 
collections of modern art in Europe.
* In order to broaden the scope of the collection, the Project management 
group intends to continue organising such exhibitions in the modern art 
museums of Paris (or Strasbourg), Amsterdam, Istanbul, Madrid (or 
Barcelona), London, Bonn, New York, Sao Paolo....
* Whilst the broadening of the collection is under way, work will begin on 
the ten exhibition halls which will house these works. Each hall will be 
designed by an internationally renown architect. Sarajevo will then be home 
to a museum of modern architecture, as well as a large museum of modern art. 
Two architects have already agreed to participate in the project : Hans 
HOLLEIN (Austria) and Renzo PIANO (Italy).
* A proposition with regards to the necessary financing for  the 
construction of the exhibition halls will be made to the Member States of 
the Council of Europe, as well as to other countries which might be 
interested. The halls will not simply house the art work, as each one will 
become a cultural centre for the country that has financed its construction.
* In order to display the works collected so far in the one place, a 
presentation exhibition will be organised from the 25th June to the 7th 
September 1999 in Sarajevo. Invitations to participate in the exhibition 
have already been sent to all the artists whose work will be exhibited as 
well as to many modern art specialists and art critics.

* The exhibition will be inaugurated by Mr Federico MAYOR, Director General 
* At the same time as the opening of the exhibition, a major symposium will 
take place from 25th to 27th June 1999. The theme will be the role of the 
modern art museum at the end of the 20th century.
* The Project management group will ask the Member States of the Council of 
Europe to provide material support for the organisation of the exhibition 
and symposium.
* Each country providing support for this event will have the opportunity to 
organise a presentation of its culture, history and economy at some point 
during the Sarajevo exhibition.

International symposium on the role of the modern art museum at the end of 
the 20th century (Sarajevo, 25th to 27th June 1999)

The Symposium will be inaugurated by Mr Daniel TARSCHYS, Secretary General 
of the Council of Europe (to be confirmed)
Session 1
Chaired by Mr Massimo CACCIARI, Mayor of Venice
Theme : the strategy of the ARS AEVI Project

Session 2
Chaired by Mr Macciello BUCCI, President of the Association of Italian towns
Theme : the participants in the ARS AEVI initiative

Session 3
Chaired by Mr Lorand HEGYI, Director of the Museum moderner kunst Stifttung 
Ludwig Wien
Theme : the ARS AEVI Museum collection

Session 4
Chaired by Mr Daniel JANICOT, Assistant Director General of UNESCO
Theme : the urban and architectural conception of the Museum

Session 5
Chaired by Mr Bruno CORA, Director of the Museum of Modern Art in Prato
Theme : the future of the Museum

Session 6
Chaired by Ms. Kim LEVIN, President of AICA
Theme: AICA round table

Session 7
Chaired by Mr. Raymond WEBER, Director of education, science and culture of 
the Council of Europe
Theme: Culture and Society development

Bureau 1523
Palais de l'Europe
67075 Strasbourg Cedex
?él.  03 88 41 36 03
Fax. 03 88 41 30 44
Centro Arte Contemporanea Spazio Umano, Milano
Director and Curator: Enrico R. Comi

Carla Accardi
Bizhan Bassiri
Tony Cragg
Yusuf Hadzifejzovic
Inspection "Medical Hermeneutics"
(Sergej Anufriev, Vladimir Fjodorov, Pavel Pepperstein)
Dimitris Kozaris
Juan Munoz
Hidetoshi Nagasawa
Goran Petercol
Alfredo Pirri
Michelangelo Pistoletto
Dmitrij Prigov
Dubravka Rakoci
Ettore Spalletti
Franz  West

Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato
Director and Curator: Bruno Cora

Stephan Balkenhol
Daniel Buren
Enrico Castellani
Jan Dibbets
Jannis  Kounellis
Sol LeWitt
Eliseo Mattiacci
Roman Opalka
Jaume Plensa

Moderna Galerija Lubliana
Director and Curator: Zdenka Badovinac

Marina  Abramovic
Evgeny Asse, Vadim Fiskin, Dimitri Guthoff, Viktor Misiano
Miroslaw Balka
Günter Brus
Sophie Calle
Richard Deacon
Anish Kapoor
Marjetica Potrc
Thomas  Schütte
Andres Serrano
Bill Viola

Galeria Obala Art Centar, Sarajevo
Director and Curator: Izeta Graèevic

Christian Boltanski
Danica Dakic
Edin Numankadic
Nusret Pasic
Mustafa Skopljak

Fondazioni Bevilacqua La Masa e Querini Stampalia,
Curator: Chiara Bertola
Alighiero Boetti
Nan Goldin
Ilya Kabakov
Joseph Kosuth
Julian Opie
Mimmo Paladino
Remo Salvatori
Cindy Sherman
Rosmarie Trockel

Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien,
Director and Curator: Lóránd Hegyi
Polly Apfelbaum
Nora Aslan
Txomin Badiola
Domenico Bianchi
Pedro Cabrita Reis
Maurizio Cannavacciuolo
Eugenio Cano
Andrés Compagnucci
Gianni  Dessi
Braco Dimitrijevic
Orshi Drozdik
Gloria Friedmann
Bernard Frize
Gideon Gechtman
Han Myong-ok
Alex Hartley
Mona Hatoum
Dean Jokanovic- Toumin
Birgit Jürgenssen
Massimo Kaufmann
Herwig Kempinger
Kim Soun-gui
Komar & Melamid
Svetlana Kopystiansky
Brigitte Kowanz
Robert  Kushner
Bertrand Lavier
Lee Bul
Lee Ufan
Daniela Leopold-Löwenthal
Felice Levini
Lena Liv
László Mulasics
Richard Nonas
Dennis Oppenheim
Cornelia Parker
Pascal Pinaud
Sandor Pinczehelyi
David Salle
Sean Scully
Nebojsa Seric-Soba
Martin Walde
Lois  Weinberger
Lawrence Weiner
Yoon Young-seok

ARS AEVI Exhibition
(Skenderija Center, June 25 -  September 7, 1999)

Donating Artists and  Founding Museums/Centers of the Collection ARS AEVI
Supporters, Promoters, and Sponsors of the International Cultural Project 
Museum of Contemporary Art Sarajevo

ANCI Toscana (Association of Tuscan Municipalities)
ARCI Nuova Associazione
ARCI Milano
Art Press - Paris
Industrial Association of the Province of Firenze
Biennial of Venezia
Canton of Sarajevo
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain
C.C.F.R Consorzio Cooperative Ferrovie Reggiane
Centar Skenderija - Sarajevo
COOP Adriatica
COOP Consumatori Nord Est
COOP Liguria
COOP Lombardia
Council of Europe
ELIA (European League of Institutions of the Arts)
Galerija Cardea - Design Center - Sarajevo
Giunti Publishing Group, Firenze
Legacoop Roma
Manifesta 2 - Biennale européen d'art contemporain
Manutencoop, Bologna
Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Federation of 
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Municipality of Barberino val d'Elsa
Municipality of Castellina in Chianti
Municipality of Castelnuovo Berardenga
Municipality of Gaiole in Chianti
Municipality of Greve in Chianti
Municipality of Greve in Chianti
Municipality of Impruneta
Municipality of Prato
Municipality of Radda in Chianti
Municipality of San Casciano val di Pesa
Municipality of Sarajevo
Municipality of Tavarnelle val di Pesa
Municipality of Venezia
Province of Firenze
Regione Toscana
USA Embassy, United States Information Service

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