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Syndicate: D-Day 12: June 10, 1999: Druga zgodba


Just before the annual summer-recess, we celebrate the first D-Day
anniversary with two magnificent music documentaries. 
BAKA introduces, and picks up the rhythms and tales of the Baka
Pygmees living in the remote Equatorial Forest of South East
Sonia Herman Dolz accompanied and listened to the charming and
inexhaustible Grandfathers of Salsa --the quintet La Vieja Trova
Santiaguera-- and this in their native Cuba, as well as on tour
through Europe.

D-Day 12 is presented in collaboration with Druga godba 
( http://www.ljudmila.org/drugagodba/ ).

Hope to see you on Thursday in Slovenska kinoteka.

Best regards,
Koen Van Daele
programme curator & coordinator 

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D-Day 12: Dan za dokumentarec
June 10, 1999
Slovenska kinoteka, Ljubljana

AT 7 pm:
Dir.: Thierry Knauff; photogr.: Michel Baudour, Antoine-Marie Meert;
editing: Thierry Knauff, Philippe Bourgueil; sound and mixing: Bruno
Tarrière; delegate production: Thierry Knauff, Arnaud de Mezamat;
production manager: Anne Van Nyen, Elisabeth Coronel; coproduction:
Productions du Sablier, Abacaris Films; in association with: La SEPT /
ARTE, RTBF - Carré Noir, CRTV, BRTN, SR, WIP, Films Terre Africaine;
with the support of: Direction de l'Audio-Visuel de la Communauté
Française de Belgique, Eurimages, CNC, Direction de la Musique et de
la Danse, Ministère de la Coopération, Ministère belge des Affaires
Etrangères, ACCT / CIRTEF, AGCD, UNESCO, Documentary, le Plan d'Action
16:9 de l'Union Européenne, SACEM, Procirep, CGRI. 1995, 55 min., B/W,
35mm, 1:1,85, Dolby Stereo SR (with English subtitles).

South-East Cameroon consists mainly of remote, intact forests. an area
where elephants outnumber people.. The Equatorial forests are also the
home of many indigenous peoples, including some 30.000 Baka Pygmees.
To name themselves, the Baka chose a word from their language that
means "the gesture of the bird touching the branch". When the berries
of the branch have been eaten, the bird "sings the tree" to thank it.
Then he flies away to other trees. BAKA is a magnificent documentary
about a people, their forest, and their music. To the Baka music (a.o.
polyphonic chant) is intimately linked to their daily lives. It is a
way of life, like hunting and gathering. The dazzling black and white
photography and the subtle dolby stereo-soundtrack make seeing Baka a
mind-blowing experience.

BAKA was awarded with the Prix Italia "Musique & Arts" (Bologna, '95),
the Best Director-Award at the Filmer à tout prix-festival (Brussels,
'95), the Grand Prix of the International Film Festival Bombay ('96),
the Grand Prix "Classiques en Images" (the Louvre, Paris, '96), the
Special Prize of the Journées du Cinéma Africain (Montreal, '96), the
Grand Prix at the Mediawave Festival (Györ, '96), the Prix du Public
at the Sunny Side of the Doc Festival (Marseille, '96).

AT 8.15 pm:
Dir.: Sonia Herman Dolz; photogr.: Melle Van Essen; sound: Christine
Van Roon; editing: Gys Zevenbergen; music: La Vieja Trova Santiaguera
(Reinaldo Hierrezuelo, Reinaldo Creagh, Pancho Cobas, Aristoteles
Limonta, Ricardo Ortiz); production: Kees Ryninks; coproduction: NPS;
with the support of : The Dutch Film Fund, The Dutch Cultural
Broadcasting Promotion Fund, The Rotterdam Film Fund. 1997, 75 min.,
col., 35mm (Spanish spoken - English subtitles).

The Madrid-born Sonia Herman Dolz accompanied the Cuban band La
Vieja Trova Santiaguera on their preparations for, and tour to
Europe. With the benjamin being 62, the average age of this 5-head
troubadours-band is around 80. Their fragile bones contrast sharply
with their swinging sound of son. Being labelled A-category musicians
by the Cuban Ministry of culture, they do not hesitate to sacrifice by
leaving their beloved warm (arthrose- and arthritis-friendly) island
for Northern continents in order to proudly represent their domovina.
And does Fidel like all these sexually implicit lyrics about love,
romance and passion? "Well if he doesn't, he sure as hell succeeds
well hiding it," answers one of the troubadours. Sonia Herman Dolz
alternates concert-images, rehearsal-sessions, touristic excursions
(after a double-deck ride through London, they cannot miss to pay a
tribute to the grave of "Carlos" Marx), with extensive interviews with
the (often womanizing) oldies. LAGRIMAS NEGRAS (Black Tears) is an
entertaining film about representatives of faded glory and times long

at 7 pm: 500 SIT
at 8.15 pm: 600 SIT
Complete D-Day 12: 900 SIT

The series D-Day: Dan za dokumentarec is produced by OPEN SOCIETY
PROGRAMS - SOROS DOCUMENTARY FUND (New York). Executive producer:
SLOVENSKA KINOTEKA. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Koen Van Daele
Program coordinator D-Day: Dan za dokumentarec
phone: -386-61/329.184
fax: -386-61/13.23.092
email: Koen.VanDaele@guest.arnes.si
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