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We are happy to announce that we are starting to prepare next ACOUSTIC.SPACE - printed issue for net audio+net.radio & new media culture. We plan to produce it together with audio CD.
The issue will be published  (till september) in 1000-1200 copies in english+latvian languages.

This is first call for CONTRIBUTION:
Please send your texts, images, net.radio links + any other net-radio-info you would like to publish in next Acoustic to -> <e-lab@parks.lv> or <rasa@parks.lv>

DEADLINE: end of June!

contents of ACOUSTIC.SPACE:

# review of recent net.radio events 98/99
(berlin net.radio day's 98, art servers unlimited, xchange+kunstradio @ ars electronica'98 festival, xchange unlimited in riga, next 5 minutes, etc? )

# info about new and ongoing net audio projects (freeb92, live schedulers, orang network, frequency clock, etc) and upcoming festivals (?)

# texts - net.radio&radio theory, radio history, interviews, radio manifestos 

# networks baltic sea region ( / media culture policy in europe (ECB?) / and other projects (interfund, ? )

# pictures, images, poetry

texts you are welcome to send also to Xchange mailinglist <xchange@re-lab.net>


The idea is to publish different - might be already edited - audio CDs (or CD-rom)
each of them in 100 copies (more/less) and to place each of those 100 copies in 100 Acoustic.Space's
So each of 100 AcousticSpace copies would have an other- totally different CD

(for example - 100 copies will be with Alexei  Shulgin's "386DX" CD's, other 100 copies with Sloka Sound System and Riga Djs, an other 100 could be with Zina's K. - an other 100 with RadioQualias compilation - an other 100 - with Borut's midi-MIX, - etc.)

if you have/had idea to make your CD (sound/audio/radio art, net.radio compilation, mp3 or ra) and you want to have it distribute together with Acoustic Space - please contact us!

looking forward to your contributions,

rasa and RE-LAB/Riga team

RE-LAB NETWORK  http://re-lab.net
RIGA NET.RADIO OZONE: http://ozone.re-lab.net
E-mail: e-lab@re-lab.net
E-LAB -> Address: 11. Novembra Krastmala 35 - 94, Riga, LV 1050, Latvia.
Tel. 371-7210297

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