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Syndicate: Romanian presentation in Veni

Dear  Syndicalists,  

You are cordially  invited to attend the Romanian presentation in the 48th
Contemporary Art Biennial in Venice.    

It is remarkable the fact that, maybe for the  first time in the history of
this event, the Romanian participation is the  result of an open
competition for curatorial projects organized by the Romanian  Ministry of
Culture. Although it caused a lot of trouble this new procedure  succeeded
to bring to Venice two projects initiated by two young  curators: "REPORT"
in the  Romanian Pavilion in the Giardini di Castello, curator Judit  Angel
and  "ALBERTI'S OPEN WINDOW /  WINDOWS '98 - OPEN" in the space of the
Romanian Cultural  Institute (Instituto Romeno di Cultura e Ricerca
Umanistica, Palazzo Correr)  curator Horea Avram.  

Irina Cios    

Here under follows  detailed information.


Curator: Judit Angel

Assistant curator: Aurora Dediu

the exhibition designed for the Romanian  pavilion, presents:

subREAL and Dan  Perjovschi

Press Opening Friday, June 11, 1999,  11:30 a.m.

Romanian Pavillion, Giardini di  Castello, Venezia

Leading Romanian artists of the nineties, their discourses  are relevant
for arts potential of social interaction
and critique,  and address issues of both local and international interest.
Juxtaposing  photo-installation and pavement drawing, the exhibition deals
with the relation  between art, historical perspective and social

In both  cases, the role of the artist-reporter implies the activation of a
critical view  over Romanian society and contemporary culture, choosing
press as reference  medium.

The territory investigated by subREAL is the archive of  "Arta" magazine,
which controlled the public image of Romanian art  between 1953-1989. By
re-editing b/w negatives dormant in these archives,  the artists operate a
change of perspective: peripheral details surrounding the  art work meant
for reproduction come under focus in a monumental installation,  where they
are granted a certificate of value and uniqueness.

By directly drawing on the floor of the pavilion, Dan  Perjovschi is
actually anthologizing his production carried out both within the  public
space of "22"(a political and cultural weekly) and within the  private
space of his diary. Recording the constantly changing relationships
between the artist and the contiguous social, political and
cultural corpus,  Perjovschi's drawings define themselves as excerpts from
an ongoing social  "cartoon", which bespeaks of resistance and adaptation
to the  coercions of both local and global contexts. By providing
alternative models of  relating to (art) history and by developing a
critical understanding of the  present, the works put to test art's
capacity of self-reflection and social  responsiveness.


Exhibition organized under the auspices of:  Romanian Ministry of Culture,
Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ONDEA  Bucharest, Instituto Romeno di
Cultura e Ricerca Umanistica, Venezia.

The exhibition has also been supported by the  Academie Schloss Solitude,


Dan Perjovschi

Born in Sibiu, Romania, in  1961. Graduated from the Art Academy of Iassy,
Romania. Since 1991 graphic  designer and art director of the political and
cultural weekly journal  "22", Bucharest. Since 1995 member of the
Group of Social Dialogue,  Bucharest.

Selected exhibitions: 1995-Accumulations, The National Museum  of Art,
Bucharest; Anthroprogramming, Franklin Furnace, New York; 1995-96-  Beyond
Belief, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, ICA Philadelphia; 1996-  Spatia
Nova, The Vith St.Petersburg Biennial, St.Petersburg, Experiment  in
Romanian art since 1960, Gallery ¾, Bucharest; 1997  Sélestart, Biennial of
Contemporary Art, Sélestat, Alsace;  Bukarest nach 89, Ludwig Museum,
Aachen; Ad-hoc,  Ludwig Museum, Budapest; 1998- Manifesta 2, Luxembourg;
Body and the East,  Moderna Galerija,  Lublijana.



Calin Dan  (RO/NL) and Iosif Kirly (RO), have a  background in art history,
respectively in architecture. Favorite media:  photography, video,
installation, performance, lecturing.

Shows in:  Biennale di Venezia, Aperto 1993; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin;
Museum  of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin;
ICA  Philadelphia; Kunsthal, Rotterdam; SITE Santa Fe, Santa  Fe;
Künstlerhaus, Graz; Akademie Schlo� Solitude, Stuttgart;  Berlin Biennial.

Lectures/workshops: Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam,  Photo&Film
Academy, Gothenburg; Merz Akademie, Stuttgart; Kunstakademie,  Stuttgart, etc.


"Albertis open window / Windows  98  open"

Curator: Horea Avram


Alexandru Antik, Mircea Florian, Dan  Mihaltianu, Nicolae Onucsan,
Alexandru Patatics

Press Opening Friday, June 11, 1999,  6:30 p.m.

Istituto Romena di Ricerca e Cultura  Umanistica

Palazzo Correr, Campo Santa Fosca,  Cannaregio 2214  30124, Venezia


The word game in the title wants to illustrate the enormous  transformation
the contemporary art instrumentates", getting  together, after a well known
formula, old Alberti and the fresh computer  program. From the perspectical
vision, theorized in the Renaissance by Leon  Battista Alberti  for whom
the picture was a window through which the  artist could observe the
reality, to the popular Microsoft computer program,  Windows 98, there is a
big stretch. Abandoning the rules of  perspective, the way they were once
formulated, the contemporary artist  considers the window not as a passive
peephole, but as an active  device which opens other images.

Without the tradition of a mediatic environment Romanian artists take the
new technology into possession either with  detachment (based on his
photo/film/video/audio experiments of the 70s  and 80s), or with shyness,
as being at his first rendez-vous. But  each time he is consciencely
realising his own cyberhood.


With a conceptual stuff Alexandru Antik fills up  ceramics, performances,
installations and digitally processed videos. But not at  the same time.
Corpus Transit is an organic tube" (organic,  so, as most of his works)
which digests the limit between the real (endoscopic,  ecographic) image
and the computer generated images, in a continuous flux. The  translation
from the centre to the edges creates a visceral-electronic movement,  which
turns the organic devices into artificial beings.

For Mircea Florian the screen is a window opened for  the ears. Both a
musician and a visual artist, the computer has been one of his  best
friends for years. Soundscape and visual realm, his work is dealing with
time: the contemporary disappointing one in which water (=time) is washing
our  sins. (Water) The primordial substance - the purifying element -
"raised from the death and resurrected", virtually washes the  conflictual
(real) situations on the screen. A formal operation released in an
interactive way by the viewer, but which transposes a symbolic  gesture.

A step in a process-oriented series of works, Alcohology  Travel by Dan
Mihaltianu is a site-specific installation, a  "travel agency" which offers
trips on, the so-called, Great  Distillation Routes. Any "client" can find
there the "distilled  essence" of a certain event, story, person or place.
Video and computer  images, photos, objects, deliver subjective topics or
practical tips, signs of a  personal, political or cultural approach.

Nicolae Onucsans work deals with an expanded  meaning of the image: a
borderless game between reality and imagination, between  the analogue and
the digital, which takes place on the same Wet Paint  surface. Irony?

Placed also in between", the work of  Alexandru Patatics Insignificant
Events transcends categories.  Parallel spaces  in real or virtual time
(street images or pre-recorded  images) are gathered in an interactive
installation: i.e. connections through  open windows" both to fiction and

All the works are video-installations, in  which the digital images are the
central element.


Organizers: Romanian Ministry of Culture,  Romanian Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, Oficiul National pentru Documentare si Expozitii de Arta -
Bucharest,  Istituto Romena di Ricerca e Cultura Umanistica,  Venezia

Sponsors: Banca Româna pentru  Dezvoltare / Societé Génerale; Casa de
Economii si Consemnatiuni; SONY; Logimax; International Center for
Contemporary Arts, Bucharest



ALEXANDRU ANTIK - Corpus Tranzit (1998-1999) video installation

(3D-animation assistant Dragos Stefan)

1950, born in Reghin, Romania. Graduated of the  Institute of Fine Arts Ion
Andreescu", Cluj,  Romania in 1975

Solo exhibitions and events (selection)

1983 - "The Alchemy of the Ceramist", happening,  Cluj, Romania; 1986 -
"The Dream is Alive",  performance, Medieval Chemist's Shop, Sibiu,
Romania; 1993 - Ex Oriente Lux,  Annual Exhibition of the Soros Center for
Contemporary Arts, Bucharest, Romania;  1997 - "Microevent"
videoinstallation,  International Forum of Electronics Media, Ostranenie97
Bauhaus-Dessau;  1997 - Ad-Hoc", Ludwig Museum, Budapest,  Hungary; 1998 -
Art, as a resource",  International Art Camp, Salina98-Turda, Romania; 1998
-  TRANS(it)FORMATION, Multimedia International Art Event, Cluj,  Romania.


MIRCEA FLORIAN - "Water   raised from the death and resurrected", 1999,
multimedia interactive installation

1949 born in Satu-Mare, Romania. 1967-1972  Institute of Cybernetics,
Academy of Economic  Studies, Bucharest; 1989-1990 - Control Data Institut,
Düsseldorf. Since 1965 compositions: electronic /  experimental / computer
music for theatre, film and ballet. 1975-1998 - Over 30 compositions for
solo instruments or for various  acoustic or artificial instruments. Lives
and works in  Wuppertal, Germany and Bucharest, Romania

Exhibitions (selection):

1982 - "Space - Object" Institutul de  Architectura, Bucharest; 1985 -
"Soundworks"  Franklin Furnace Gallery, New York, NY; 1986 -  "Objecto de
Interferéncia" Grande Galeria do Palcio das  Artes,Brasil; 1986 -
"Postextual" Instituto  Politécnico Nacional, Mexico; 1987 -"Art /
Technology Interface" The Morris Museum, Morristown, NJ, USA; 1991 -
"Buchstäblich" Von der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal,  Germany; 1993 - "cARTe" De
Zonnehof Museum,  Amersfoort, The Netherlands; 1996 - "Experiment" Annual
Exhibition of  the Soros Center for Contemporary Arts Bucharest; 1996 -
"Die Grundsteinkiste" Rheinische Landesmuseum, Bonn; 1998 - "Laut-Malerei -
Bildende Kunst und Musik" Von der  Heydt Museum, Kunsthalle; 1999 - "Grüne,
trockene Bäume" Stadthalle Wuppertal, Germany;


DAN MIHALTIANU - "Alcohology Travel", 1999, multimedia installation

1954 born in Bucharest, Romania. 1975-1982 - Institute of Fine Arts
Bucharest. 1990 - Co-founder of Artists' group, subREAL, cooperation until
1993.  Lives and works in Bucharest and Berlin.

Solo and GroupExhibitions  (selection)

1990 - "Points East", Third Eye  Centre Glasgow, UK; 1992 - International
Art Biennal,  Istanbul, Turkey; 1993 - Aperto - Venice Art Biennal,  Italy;
1994 - "Europa - Europa", Kunst-und  Ausstellungshalle, Bonn, Germany; 1994
- Imaginäres  Hotel, IGBK, Elster Park Buntgarnwerke, Leipzig, Germany;1994
-  "1954", Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, Germany;1995  Die Leiden des
jungen Bahnwärter,  Bahnwärterhaus-Galerie der Stadt Esslingen, Germany;
1996  - "Balt-Orient-Express", IfA-Galerie Berlin, Germany, National Museum
of Art, Bucharest, Romania, WUK Vienna, Austria; 1996 -  "Experiment in
Romanian art '60-'90", Soros Center for Contemporary  Arts annual
exhibition, Bucharest, Romania; 1996  - Fire Water, Art in General, New
York, USA; 1998 -  "Kulturkonjak", Galerie Schloss Damtschach, Austria;
1999 - "Video Cult/ures", ZKM / Museum for Contemporary  Arts, Karlsruhe,


NICOLAE ONUCSAN - "Wet Paint", 1997,  video

1952 - born in Gherla - Cluj, Romania. 1979 graduate of the Institute of
Fine Arts "Ioan  Andreescu", Cluj, Romania

Exhibitions (selection)

1986 - International Graphics Biennial, Kracow, Poland;  1992 - "Saga",
Grand Palais, Paris,France;  1992 - "Art as Activist" - Revolutionary
Posters in central and Eastern Europe, Smithsonian Institut, New York, USA;
1992 - "cARTe" (Object-books), De Zonnehof  Cultural Center, Netherlands;
1996 - "Experiment in  the Romanian Art '60-'90", annual exhibition of the
Soros Center for  Contemporary Arts, Bucharest, Romania; 1997 -  "Civitas
Solis, Civitas Artis", annual exhibition of the SCCA -  Bucharest, Calnic,


ALEXANDRU PATATICS - "Insignificant Events", 1999, interactive media

1963 - Born in Timisoara, Romania. 1986-1991 - Academy of Visual Arts- "Ion
Andreescu",  Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Exhibitions (selection)

1993 - "East Europe Zone", international  performance festival, Art Museum,
Timisoara, Romania; 1993 - "Ex Oriente Lux", Soros Center for Contemporary
Arts  annual exhibition, Dalles Hall, Bucharest, Romania; 1994  - "Minima
Media '94", Medienbienalle Lepzig, Germany; 1995 - "Unter Anderen-Among
Others", Gent, Belgium,  Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany; 1996 - XXIII Sao
Paulo  Bienalle, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 1997 - "ICC Biennale  '97" Tokyo,
Intercommunication Center, Japan.

Irina  Cios
International Center for Contemporary Arts -  Bucharest
Str. Spatarului 52, sect. 2
PO-BOX 1-827
tel/fax: 40.1.210  7777, 40.1.210 3070

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