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From: Leonardo <>


In conjunction with the recent release of Leonardo Music Journal Volume 8
(LMJ 8), the Leonardo Music Journal World Wide Website
( now features
streaming audio file excerpts of new music from the Journal's CD Companion,
entitled "Ghosts and Monsters."

The excerpts are from three different pieces featured on the CD:

'I Have Slipped' from "Music For Salome" by Frieder Butzmann (Berlin)

"Extract from 'A Host of Golden Daffodils'" by Peter Cusack (London) and
Nicolas Collins (Berlin)

"Blues With Beer, Magazines, Table and Chair" by Michael Snow (Toronto)

The pieces can be accessed via:

Also featured on the CD are previously unreleased pieces by John Cage, Oval
and Paul De Marinis, along with works by Robert Ashley, Cornelius Cardew,
Henning Christiansen, Alexander Abramovitch Krejn, Alvin Lucier and Shelly

As an annual adjunct to the bi-monthly journal Leonardo, Leonardo Music
Journal publishes writings and sounds by artists from all over the world who
invent media, implement developing technologies and expand the boundaries of
radical and experimental aesthetics.

The journal and companion CD can be ordered on-line via MIT Press Journals
at <>. The CD alone
can be ordered on-line through the Electronic Music Foundation at

Leonardo/ISAST serves the international art community by  providing a
channel of communication for artists and others interested in the arts, with
an emphasis on artists who use science and developing technologies in their
work. Our activities include:

*publication of the art, science and technology journals Leonardo and
Leonardo Music Journal

*the Leonardo Book Series, published by MIT Press

*an electronic journal, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

*a World Wide Web Site, Leonardo On-Line
<>, which features information
on our activities and how to order Leonardo publications.

Subscriptions to the journal are available as are back issues and books in
the Leonardo Book series.

Leonardo/ISAST Editorial Offices: 425 Market Street, 2nd Floor, San
Francisco, CA 94105, U.S.A. Tel: 415-405-3335. Fax: 415-405-7758. Email:

***If you don't want to receive information about Leonardo/ISAST's
activities, send us an e-mail at indicating your email
address and your wish to be removed from this list. Please also contact us
if you have received this message more than once. Thanks!

Editorial Department
425 Market St. 2nd Floor
San Francisco CA 94105
(415) 405 3335
Fax: (415) 405 7758

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