jtravis on Wed, 2 Jun 1999 11:40:08 GMT

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Syndicate: artists against the war in manchester

Here in Manchester, britain we are organising lots of protests against NATO's murderous
intervention in Kosovo and Yugoslavia.  For example, this Thursday June 3rd we are
occupying Albert Bridge between Salford and Manchester at 6pm.  NATO's targetting
of the civillian population of Yugoslavia is a war crime and does no good for the
just struggle of Kosovar Albanians.  We are also putting on a coach to the national
demo on June 5th London, coaches leaving Chorlton St. bus station 7am Manchester
and Chortlon Library 7.30 am. 

We are also holding an evening of fund raising for musicians and artists.  |If you
are interested in exhibiting or contributing in some other way please e-mail me with
your ideas.  any ideas welcome.  The evening is on June 19th 1999.  if you can't
make that date but want to get in contact re other events or messages of support
or to e-mail art to contribute to the event please do so.

We are Chorlton against the War, part of Greater Manchester Against the War.  We
are a united campaign with two main slogans: Stop the Bombing, Refugees Welcome Here
(in contrast to the government's hypocritical and racist Asylum and Immigration Bill
which denies refugeees any rights or monetary income).

Please help or lend support in any way possible.

Thank you.

Jason Travis, Greater Manchester Against War in the Balkans, Chorlton Against the
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