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Syndicate: The Scout Report -- April 2, 1999

From: Scout Project <scout@CS.WISC.EDU>

========  The Scout Report                                            ==
========  April 2, 1999                                             ====
========  Volume 5, Number 47                                     ======
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====== In The News ====
20. Refugee Crisis in the Balkans

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20. Refugee Crisis in the Balkans
Kosovo Crisis Update -- UNHCR
Violence and Displacement in Kosovo -- USCR
Kosovo Situation Reports -- US State Department
Human Rights Watch Kosovo Campaign
_Morning Edition_ -- NPR [RealPlayer]
Strike on Yugoslavia -- CNN

This week's In the News returns to Kosovo, where humanitarian workers and
government officials warn that the refugee crisis is rapidly spinning out
of control. What appears to be an organized and systematic expulsion of the
ethnic Albanian population from Kosovo has created the worst humanitarian
disaster in Europe since World War II. According to UN refugee officials,
over 220,000 persons have fled or been expelled from Kosovo over the last
ten days, to Albania, Macedonia, or Montenegro. With entry into Macedonia
ground to an almost complete halt, Albania swollen with over 120,000
refugees, and thousands still behind them, the Kosovo-Macedonia border in
particular has become a humanitarian nightmare; little food, shelter, or
sanitation is available for people who have been forced from their homes
with almost nothing. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
(UNHCR) has created a special site on the Kosovo crisis, with analysis,
news updates, and an eyewitness account. The US Committee for Refugees
(USCR) has also posted a special report, featuring current news stories,
background, testimony, resources for Kosovar refugees, and information on
how readers can help. The State Department's special Website on Kosovo
features situation reports and reports from the field. Yesterday's report
on the Kosovo Humanitarian Situation offers an overview of key facts and
developments, background, and a look at the current situation. The site for
the Human Rights Watch Kosovo campaign offers a number of updates on the
human rights and refugee situation in and around Kosovo. Today's _Morning
Edition_ on National Public Radio featured several pieces on Kosovo,
including a moving report from the Macedonian border by Anne Garrels. The
entire program is available in RealPlayer format at the site. Finally,
CNN's special report on Yugoslavia includes a feature on email from Kosovo
and an interactive Refugee Exodus map. Users interested in additional
resources for understanding the current crisis in Balkans should consult
last week's In the News and the resources in Scout Report Signpost, the
Scout Report's database. These include UN Wire, the Red Cross's
International Humanitarian Law Database, and the International Crisis Group
(ICG) South Balkans Reports Index, [MD]

UN Wire
International Humanitarian Law Database
International Crisis Group (ICG) South Balkans Reports Index