Olga Shishko on Fri, 30 Apr 1999 15:13:16 +0100

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Syndicate: Festival "Trash-art"

Dear friends,

Welcome to festival " Trash-Art" http://www.da-da-net.ru/TrashArt

International Art Festival "-T-r-a-s-h - a-r-t-"
within the frame of
"D a - D a - N e t " Festival)

Organizer - MediaArtLab (sorry, only russian version) of SCCA, Moscow
Working language of the Festival - English

Deadline ------------ 10th of May

Trash - crash of user logic
Trash - failure of image creating
Trash - as fashion, style, freedom
Trash - cracked art - isn't to be identified, is unexpected by society, critics, doesn't conform to the demands, wishes, logic


Nominations or ideological classification of art projects:

  1. Ecological Project .
  2. In this category the projects have to present effective strategies of utilisation of cultural trash. The artists are supposed to explain and justify their idea of "cultural trash" as well as utility of the proposed "recycling techniques".


  3. Anarchistic Project
  4. The projects are to be directed at the destruction of common stereotypes and logic of presentation of images, symbols, ideas, theories, propaganda, manuals, documents, etc. We wellcome everything that is opposed to expediency, constructiveness, social benefit, economic profit, power/political responsibility, common pragmatism…

  5. Radical Conformist Project

Communicability, interactivity, openness, transparency are to be both the goals and strategies of the projects. Their authors have to be concerned with assimilation of certain environment, social context or resources. The ideology of their activity is to be determined by the search for the most efficient and witty ways of interaction with the audience, other artists, power. It is navigation through the trash.

Authors should register their projects themselves clicking "add my projects" and filling in the form. Then project automatically will be put in the list.

At the main page
http://www.da-da-net.ru/TrashArt/ there is the exhibition which should been collected by juries from projects registered in the "projects list". For to do it you need to click "my own collection" and enter the password "pi" as Name and as Login. This password is known only to juries, curators, and programmer. Please, just add art works to those already placed in trash-containers not removing anyone. Give your comments, critics, and thoughts of projects and the festival in the "discussion".

Every visitor can do the same thing, but his own collection will be saved under his Login and it could be accessible to others in the case he announces it and gives his Name through "discussion". If he lets others know his Login, one can enter his collection and change it.

We are waiting for your projects,