Andreas Broeckmann on Fri, 30 Apr 1999 09:49:09 +0100

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Syndicate: Parasite: online event sunday

From: "L. Naomi Spellman" <>

The calarts online project Parasite will be hosting an online chat among
the Baltic online community and americans.


SUNDAY, MAY 2, 12:00 NOON (9:00 pm Belgrade time) FOR (easy and painless)

The nature of the airstrikes is inhumane, faceless, and often seemingly
arbitrary. We feel it is important to put a face on this faceless war. We
feel the only way to address this crisis is for the people themselves to
connect. To question, to tell stories, to joke-we have an unprecedented
opportunity as individuals/communities caught up in incomprehensible
actions to communicate directly online. The hope is that positive actions
come out of this communication.

Voices from the Balkan community here and abroad are especially encouraged
to attend this event. Invitations are going out to those online on 3
different services in Belgrade (YUnet, Sezampro, Serbcafe), as well as
those online with the "Syndicate", "faces", "thething" services in europe,
la and new york. Please forward this message to those who may want to

Most likely, we will log on to "" at noon, but any updates,
changes, as well as online material we have been looking at regarding
kosovo and the media are available at: Keep our
page open in case of changes, updates,etc. as the event progresses.
Internet Happenings
with Hyper-hosts Naomi Spellman and Mary Jo Walters
Be unprepared for surprises, time travelling, and inappropriate behavior
"Simple and unthreatening, refreshing for the experienced floater and
gentle for the novice"

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