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Syndicate: (fwd) tonight attack on Belgrad

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From: Lara Taskovska <>
Subject: tonight attack on Belgrade
Date: 30 Apr 99 06:36:35 W. Europe Standard Time

  April 30, 1999

6:09 Beograd. end of air raid warning.
5:28 Beograd. Earthquake! Strong short. real earthquake.
04:52 A friend who lives at the corner of Cerska and Vardarska (Cubura) sent the
message. At the time of attack we were talking on the phone:
There is no more Vardarska. Report to
The corner of Maruliceva and Vardarska and Maksima Gorkog and Maruliceva. We pul
one woman from the rubble. A man was thrown out from the house with the broken a

04:35 To hell with the rain. I barely sprinkled and it stopped. At least it's cl
oudy. RTS is 
back on the air in Nis. The rains starts again. For the Nislians and others who 
can watch this 
channel on TV Belle Amie it is "the brave heart"...associative huh?...f..k the r
ains stops again. 
Hold on!!!

04:25 Confirmation for the location at Crveni Krst, just near the Milica Pasic e
school, a missile struck a residential area. It looks like a bar and a restauran
t, just near the 
car service, unfortunately casualties are likely.

04:24 Beograd - it has calmed down. The damages are tramendous. It is hard to es
because of the smoke. It looks like the worst is in Knez Milos Street and Saraje
vska, a lot of 
rubble, bricks, shaterred glass. The windows are broken on every building...ther
e are 
casualties and injured, the firemen
and others retreated, because another attack strike is expected...The breathing 
is almost 
impossible, there are indications that the criminals used missiles with the depl
eted uranuim in 
this attack...
04:05 TV Studio B back on the air again. The interruption due to power failure

03:54 Beograd/Konjanrik - Studio B still off the air.

03:50 It very hard to breathe. Those who still have the glass on the windows clo
se them 
immidiately. The first reports are that there are dead and injured. Knez Milos S
treet is full of 
smoke. I'll come back with latest news later.

03:45 At least 3 dead in Knez Milos Street. One policeman on duty and two guys w
ating on 
the street light. Another strike expected soon. The fire brigade trucks, paramed
ics and the 
press evacuated the area.

03:44 The satellite signal from RTS back in Danmark again. Bravo RTS we can watc
h the 
TV program again. Hold on PVO and please shoot down at least one Danish plane.

03:43 The Red Cross reports that a residential area is hit, the corner of Vardar
ska i 
Maruliceva streets, riht next to the elementary school.

03:34 The RTS is invincible, axactly at 03:32 they are back on the air again. Th
e reception of 
satellite TV is superb again in Hamburg. B R A V O and thank you!!

03:33 The Radio Novosti confirms that the General Staff building and and Federal
of Internal Affairs are hit. Many residential buildings also damaged. A car driv
er waiting for 
the green light got killed. The Knez Milos Street is full of debris and it is sa
id thet the General 
Staff building may be struck again.

03:33 Correction re Federal Police building, the old Serbian Internal Ministry t
argeted. No 
casualties reported, but there are injured in the General Staff building. From "
London" to 
Mostar shatered windows all over.

03:30 The power came back on. You can continue sending the reports.

03:17 TV Studio B went off the air. Send reports of what is happening. C.Krst sh
aken in the 
last attack.

03:11 Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs hit, both General Staff building and 
Ministry of 
Defence, and probably BC "Usce"

03:10 Both Radio and TV Studio B went off the air.

03:05 power down at transmitter. We are not able to get out and chec
k until 
attack calms down. Until further notice the news service cannot continue.
The mail server also cannot receive any new mail. Please refrein from sending ne
w reports 
until further notice because your mail will bounce.

03:00 Juzni Bulevar (Southern Boulevard) turned into a river, unofficially it is
 the water 
pipeline near by.

02:47 S.Mitrovica - Airplanes heard for the first time this night
02:40 New explosion in the centre of Belgrade

02:37 Big fire from the centre of Belgrade

02:37 Flames from the center Belgrade.

02:37 Beograd - Army HQ and Federal Internal Affairs buildings hit

02:37 The General Staff building and Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs hit.

02:33 Beograd - something was hit behind Beogradjanka, near the Divinity College
 we heard 
the sound of planes, saw a missile following them (seemingly?!?). PVO was shooti

02:33 Something behind Beogradjanka tower hit, the airplane sounded just above t
he church, 
the missile followed...PVO active.

02:30 Two strong detonations in the very centre of Belgrade

02:30 Two strong detonations heard in the very center of Belgrade

02:30 Beograd - Federal Interior Affairs HQ was bombed again. I think it was hit
 with 2 

02:30 The Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs hit for the second time with two 


02:30 Kotez (Beograd)..AAA everywhere..the sound of has been goin
g on for 
some time

02:24 Aabove Medak a missile shot down, expladed in the air, I saw it from the w
PVO very strong. A friend from Autokomanda says there is smoke from the directio
n of 
Clinical Center and that the power went off. Go PVO.

02:21 N.Beograd - Several exploasions from undefined direction, the sound of air
followed dor two minutes.

02:20 Above the New Belgrade blocks a lot of planes. It looks like the PVO scare
d them 

02:20 Beograd - Three Tomahawk missiles

02:17 Airplanes heard above Zrenjanin. There is a lot of them. The skies are roa
Explosions heard, the windows are shaking. There has never been so many of them.

02:13 Zrenjanin - They passed at 02:13. Good luck...i like the saying GO GO The 

02:08 They are heard at very high altitudes, it was the same in Stip (Eastern Ma

01:48 Valjevo - Valjevo struck again with 4 or 5 missiles. Probably Krusik...the
 soke comes 
from that direction. The planes can be heard flying low.

01:46 Banja Luka - a large formation of planes headed for Serbia direction Sava 
river (i am 
reporting from Laktasi)

01:44 Beograd - PVO again.

01:40 Beograd - PVO activity heard

01:30 Novi Sad - quiet at the moment. The refinery is still burning. Black, dens
e smoke 
covered Petrovaradin. I think the refinery has never burnt like this before. Reg
ards from Novi 
Sad from Boris.

01:28 BEOGRAD It is quiet now. Some clouds in the sky. We are expecting the crim
inals to 
come again. They will pay for the tower and will build it again, but the PVO fea
st is for free! 
Please inform on the planes flying over from the north, west and south, and east
 I think. Salut 
P.S. People who browse around the criminals` sites could calculate in $ what
was shot down by now (Mexicans are gratis). This must cost them a lot!

01:28 Around 01:00 new group of NATO planes-killers flew over Ljubljana, brother
s Serbs: 
shoot them all down and take care! We cannot watch Serbian satellite TV again, a
nd CNN 
is lying all the time.

01:27 Two extremely strong detonations near Vladicin Han.

01:27 The missile hit above New belgrade fell near the hotel `Yugoslavia` in Zem

01:12 SMEDEREVSKA PALANKA - planes are constantly flying over during the day. 
Around midngiht vehement PVO activity was heard for the first time from the begi
nning of the 

01:03 Vrsac - 3 missiles onto the repeater

01:00 Beograd, Konjarnik - thanks to "Hungarian" watchers for confirmation they 
were going 
"ruckwartz" (backwards)!
Helo, Ljubljana, which way were those planes over you flying at 00:30 ?

00:47 Who saw a ship or tug-boat being hit? This is very important! 

00:45 KONJARNIK - With 'Loga-3' antenna turned towards Zemun-Novi sad we are 
receiving signals of programmes at the following UHF channels (you can find them
 better via 
video-recorder): PINK 59, 26; Art (RTS) 2l, 58, RTS ("B")
53, 5l, 49; KOSAVA 45 (excellent picture), POLITIKA 43, 48; PALMA 34; BK(VHF) 

00:41 From reliable sources: A PLANE SHOT DOWN ABOVE GROCKA. Eye-
my whole street and wider. The sound of a plane heard first, then a detonation. 
Then the 
sound of the plane disappeared and something burning seen flying down towards th
e fields 
around Grocka. It was reported a parachute was seen too.

00:40 - The proffessional killers have flown over north-east Slovenia, for I don
`t know any 
more which time, towards Yugoslavia. Give them what they deserve for us too. Reg
ards from 
the country governed by Monica`s herd.
Confirmation for previous info they were flying `ruckwartz`.!
(Helo, Ljubljana, which way were the planes over you at 00:30 going?)

00:40 Around 23:00 strong detonations (3) in Vrsacki Breg. Probably TV transmitt
er or 
Vrsacka Kula

00:37 Large number of planes has bombed Valjevo and outskirts again. Several vil
lages were 
bombed and Peti Puk. Some facilities in Divcibari were also bombed.

00:33 It is true that at least 2 missiles-flyers were hit above New Belgrade. Ap
plauses and 
ovations from skyscrapers` roofs and other spectators shouting "come on, blues".
 The fight 
was never so fierce as tonight between 22:30 -23:15. It is quiet at the moment (
00:30). The 
activities moved towards Batajnica, i.e. towards that direction. Thanks to
Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje, Bijeljina, Subotica, Sombor, Zrenjanin, Pristina, Pod
gorica, Bara, 
Skopje, Bitola and all others for their support. There is no other way - we must
 win - this 
sounds proud.

00:32 I am denying the information 2 missiles were hit above Obrenovac. We just 
saw the 
missiles were hit but it was far from here. Our PVO did not act, it was some PVO

00:30 Planes over Ljubljana

00:30 I don`t know when this happened, but in Danemark RTS disappeared at 23:00 
29. Later, at 24:00, Sky News reported the main RTS transmitter was bombed and h

00:30 Beograd - with some delay I am confirming sitting of a missile above Belgr
ade, Here, 
in Vracar, this was celebrated modestly, within the family!
My friend from Beli Potok, whose house is a couple of hundred metres away from A
tower, says the missiles hit all 3 carrier pillars. The tower fell oto the side 
where the 
monument fire..

00:28 CELJE - PVO and RV (AD and YAF) you are great, that`s how they should be 
treated, f..k them! Several of them are returning now over Celje - they are flyi
ng like beaten 
cats, each one via its own shortcut. Earlier they flew in formations, now each o
ne for itself in 
intervals of several minutes.
GOOD LUCK Yugoslavia. PVO and RV: shoot the bastards!!! Regards to everyone from

00:27 Pancevo - RTS has just reappeared. RTS is immortal.

00:27 CERAK - I couldn`t report earlier because of the busy server. Around 23:00
 I saw a 
missile flying from the ground and then it hit something. Strong explosion in th
e sky. I hope a 
plane was hit. Does anyone know anything about the pilots of the planes shot dow
n near 

00:25 Sombor - planes are flying over

00:16 Pancevo - 2 missiles hit above Pancevo for sure

00:15 It seems something was hit around 23:30 southwest from Zrenjanin

00:10 PRISTINA - detonations in the town

00:09 Vrsac - around 23:00 the repeater was bombed

00:06 Skopje - around 00:00 they are flying at low altitude over Skopje. Take ca
re brothers.

posted by Stefan Saskov
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