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Syndicate: 'candle vigils' - ciao!

Candle vigils *** Dam square, Amsterdam *** Every day, 19:00- 20:00


It's been a month today. 

On 29 March 1999, on Dam square (main square in Amsterdam), about  30
people came to the candle vigil organised by ABC Basisgroep Amsterdam.
The protest had four demands:
        - stop to NATO bombings
        - stop the violence against the inhabitants of Kosov@
        - introduction of non-violent Peace Brigades International in the region
        - peace on the Balkans

Copies of WRI statement were distributed. People who attended the
demonstration were mostly activists or friends from several different
countries (the Netherlands, UK, France, Norway, etc).  The first banner
was written in Dutch and said "Stop bombing humans, animals and nature".
After three days we added another banner in English "Stop the violence in
Kosov@, Stop NATO bombing". After that, few more apeared: "Stop the NATO",
'target', "By bombing you are helping Milosevic..", "Stop violence in
Kosov@"..  Lots of leaflets were hand out, about actions in Utrecht, "Open
the borders", "Balkan Sunflowers", printouts of several articles..  We
went to Paas March in Den Hag, and had some visitors from other actions.
Media coveridge was radio-show of Nies, one thursday, and some

We are stoping these demonstrations now, and moving to other actions and
projects (Make me a bridge, to be announced soon; AltaLibra; ECX).

Love and Peace,


Gerrard         & his family
Ivana           I've Been Through This Before
Dea             Multi-Lingual
Jean-Hugues     Printing Emails
Chris           Flamenco
Wilbert         Anarchy
One Woman       Stop-The-Nato
Nies            & her husbent with smiles 
Ellen           & her husbent Organise Us
Cara            & her grrrls
Alesandro       Western Values
Eghbert         Posters & Leaflets
Dule            Target
Old Gentlemen   French Poetry
Philosopher     Why?
Vesna           The Orange Witch

Tamara & Jurra
Michi & Nicole

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