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Syndicate: Architectural Masterclass - A Slice of a Football Stadium

15 ? 28 August 1999

4th International NAI Summer Masterclass for students and young architects

The weight of the image - The stadium

Tutors: Lars Spuybroek (NOX, Rotterdam), Bob Lang (Ove Arup & Partners,

In the architecture of the (football) stadium

three distinct guiding forces intertwine: the enormously powerful appeal of
the image, the programmatic energy of the mass of fans, and the structural
strength of the construction. As a fusion of image, crowds, and structure,
the stadium is rivalled only by the Gothic Cathedral in the history of

The 4th International Summer Masterclass at the Netherlands Architecture
Institute will focus on the design of 'a slice of stadium' for Euro2000,
the European Football Championships organized in the year 2000 by Holland
and Belgium. Next year, this slice will actually be built beside the NAI in
the Museumpark to provide a spectacular facility for watching the matches
via a LIVE image on a super video screen.

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