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Syndicate: [deep european conspiracies] + (fwd) CIA created KLA

[during the syndicate meeting at the weekend, the idea came up to start an
online collection of conspiracy theories, and the one below is one of the
most obvious ones that i have heard over the last weeks; which is not to
say that it is more or less likely to be true; in a messy situation like
this, with so much hidden, and even more blatantly visible lying going on,
fiction is likely to be closer to reality than media-truths. conspiracy
theorists have a tendency to reject this label, saying: 'this is *not* a
conspiracy theory, but truth based on proven facts'; but as far as i am
concerned, this trope is one of the best ways of recognising a committed
conspiracy theorist, - and there is nothing wrong with using unproven facts
for constructing a good conspiracy theory. (the motto of the Conspiracies -
[] is: Everything Unproven.) i have
not found existing forums for the collection of conspiracy theories about
*long-term strategies for europe* (which i would say should be the topic
here) and would like to suggest the creation of such a forum. (as a motto,
i suggest: 'Why?') so, if there are people out there who would be into
constructing such an online site, please, get in touch. references to
existing research will also be welcome. -abroeck]

From: Lara Taskovska <>
Subject: CIA created KLA
Date: 29 Apr 99 10:42:28 W. Europe Standard Time

International Action Centre in New York: CIA created KLA
April 28, 1999

New York, April 28 (Tanjug) - Forces that created and support the so-called
Kosovo Liberation Army are mainly still concealed. That what is really
behind KLA became more important now when president Bill Clinton started
the war against Yugoslavia, it is said in the analysis of the International
Action Centre in New York which we are giving here.
In many previous reports, according to the Centre, it was told that secret
forces are connected with KLA. For instance, "PBS News Source" reported on
15th July 1998 that American veterans from Vietnam war train KLA
mercenaries in Albania.
Financing of KLA was rather unclear. It was greatly through drug sale.
Almost all European newspapers wrote about known connection between KLA and
illegal sale of drug in Europe. Only American media ignored that story.
However, European media do not mention that American CIA has been for a
long time using illegal sale of drug for financing secret operations. That
report - from secret operations in
south-east Asia during Vietnam war to financing the war against Nicaragua -
was documented.
Recent media reports connect KLA with few imperialistic and intelligence
agencies. That is important having in mind that both American defense
minister William Cohen and Chief of staff Henry Shelton said last week that
the aim of the American military operation against Yugoslavia was the
victory of KLA.
Canadian Parliament member David Price on April 19th told to reporters that
50 Canadian
soldiers in Kosovo work with KLA in order to help in reporting "where bombs
fall" and determining more precisely "where the next bomb should fall",
reports UPI agency. In Canada, oppression against that country
participation in the American war against Yugoslavia grows.
"James Defense Weekly" of April 20th reports: " Participation of special
forces confirmed". In that report it is told that special units from great
Britain, U.S.A., France and "other countries members of NATO" work secretly
in Kosovo.
London "Daily Telegraph" reported on April 18th that one unit of British
special forces SAS organizes camps near Tirana, capital of Albania.
According to "Daily Telegraph", KLA units, trained by SAS, intrude into
Kosovo in order to help NATO bombarding mission by means of satellites and
cellular telephones.
In the same report it is stated that KLA is in contact with MPRI that has
its headquarter in Virginia and obviously extends its role. MPRI is an
unclear organization. In "Telegraph" it is called a professional mercenary
organization established by highest rank American officers.
Pentagon hired MPRI to organize and train Croatian army, which, as
confirmed, made the most cruel action in the Balkans from neo-Nazi invasion
in the fortieths: the offensive on Serbian villagers in Krajina in August
"Nation" magazine, in its report of June 28th, 1997 described the role that
MPRI and Pentagon played in that criminal action that left hundreds
thousands Serbs without homes.
Finally, on March 21st 1999 "New York Times" on the cover page published
the story on the report of the International Court for War Crimes in Hague,
in which that attack was qualified as the most brutal event in the Balkans
in the past decade. This report was forgotten in a short time.
Recently, the Croatian government confirmed that several of its generals
"took holiday" in order to go to work with KLA. Much more complete report
was given on April 8th by Jurgen Rents, spokesman of the Social Democratic
Party (SDP) in Germany. SDP got almost the same number of votes as the
Greens that make a part of the German leading coalition. SDP actively
oppressed to the war NATO carries out against Yugoslavia.
Rents said that he had got the report from someone who is on "top secret
and high position in the service of the German government". The report was
brought to him by one Catholic clergyman who did not discovered the
identity of that person, but confirmed its authenticity. The report
confirms that the top officials of NATO, U.S.A., Great Britain and Germany
"absolutely lie the publicity almost all related to facts concerning the
war in the Balkans". It is said that pictures of any mass killing does not
exist as well as pictures of military forces expelling people in Kosovo
from their homes. Such pictures does not exist as that has not happened.
NATO deadly attempted to take such pictures, but failed, it is said in the
report. It is also stated in the report that NATO in refugee camps in
Albania and Macedonia announced that the person who makes a video cassette
or any photography - including photographs from theatre - in which such
things are seen will get 200,000 dollars. In spite of that, no picture
According to the same report, German government knows that NATO created the
refugee crisis intentionally. For instance, it is said in the report that
NATO shelled and destroyed almost all drinking water tanks in Kosovo. It is
also stated that KLA units exist in Kosovo - one consists exclusively of
American mercenaries, while the other of German ones - and they are under
the command of these countries.
It could be said that the most impressive is the description of CIA secret
operations that is cynically called "Root operation". Its aim is to extend
ethnical division in Yugoslavia in order to achieve its disintegration. The
report says that this operation is going on "since Clinton became the
president". The
operation is carried out together with German secret service which is also
responsible for destabilization of Yugoslavia.
According to the report, the final aim of "Roots" is "secession of Kosovo
and its merging to Albania", secession of Monte Negro, as the last part
with entrance to the Adriatic Seam and secession of Voivodina that produces
greatest deal of food for Yugoslavia. That all would lead to the total
collapse of Yugoslavia as an independent state capable to sustain".
It is also said that CIA established KLA using money obtained from drug
smuggling in Europe. When it seemed that reaching of an agreement on
autonomy of Kosovo between Slobodan Milosevic and Ibrahim Rugova in 1998
was at sight , CIA intensified KLA attacks on Yugoslav police units.
Attempts of the Yugoslav police to destroy KLA were used as an excuse for
NATO attacks.
That report, according to the analysis of the "International Action
Centre", helps in discovering forces which actually stay behind the war in
Yugoslavia and shows who are the real aggressors.

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