Andreas Broeckmann on Tue, 27 Apr 1999 11:34:22 +0100

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Syndicate: balkanians at lunch

From: "Ana Peraica" <>
To: "Andreas BroeckmanV2_" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 19:21:05 +0200

Dear Andreas,

thanks for a great weekend. If those kinds of meetings would be possible
among others, wars would never happen. And thanks on a possiblity to have so
good experience on a first contact after war with serbian people.
At the end only Serbs and Croats left, that is significant, and we went on a
lunch together. That was the most sad going away, as all those splittings
before were connected in one. Went on sending regards to so much people I
hope I'll remember all. We managed to put some other deals after you left;
mostly on arranging their coming to Zagreb and Split. Considering situation
that is only I can try to do. We'll consider all arrangments under Balkania
trademark : )
It was really nice to meet you and others. Great team you made.


From: "Ana Peraica" <>
Subject: Re: balkanian peace
Date: Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:47:36 +0200

you can post it ...

About meil; think you can put as well some parts of my "not to come"
e-mails, that expressed a fear on that contact after war. Thing is that I was
the only one of croatian people there being in the war, except that guy from
Vukovar. And the only that had fear of the contact, war ideology and
decompression of war memories. I wrote I would not come then.

Ended very similar similar with what you wrote in yesterday meil to
syndicate considering communication; to see we're all humans.


From: "Ana Peraica" <>
To: "Zvonimir Bakotin" <>
Cc: "Andreas Broeckmann" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 1999 13:22:41 +0200

>C'mon you are in neighborhood, so what is your problem...if you have good
>peace concept you'll go there regardless me...

Peace concept? Don't have ; ). But would love to. Only partial recepies and
solutions for small things, that are possible not functioning, or are
functioning temporary. Or can be good as a fun in shelters.

>if not dont make noice please.

problem of the noise: And problem is I never had an global, but immediate
reaction on the war /you had been away so had an nice focus, I didn't. I
have a "close" focus that can make picture deviant/.

That's what Edie wanted to say, not about something else. That thing he saw,
and I saw; children that comed alone walking for kilometers (Croatian group
was from Skabrnja, few kilometers from Zadar) , and had seen how enemie /the
same one/ raped and masakred in front of them their parents. Nice start of
life, ha? That scene cuts in head for the rest of the life, and if you, and
you got to give them paper and pencils to calm them, see their drawings,
you'll hate any expressionistic style after, I do.
If someone provokes those images by any intellectual de-valorisation or
something, could make a problem. Children are too dare not to forget them.
Anyone can forget houses, factories, even dead soldiers who were friends,
but not children! And reaction to that problem is a little delicate once
seen, if provocated can make an unexpected reaction, I suppose. But I can
not anticipate.

Those report things on life and death I hate, and would become something I
don't want first time I see those things as pure informations, and not
having an emotional reaction. It is subconscience, and we are all
emotionaly disturbed persons after those war games /at least for a while/.
Otherwise wouldn't be human. Especially provocated with TV and talks again.
I actually forgot about that possibility until you reminded me in e-mail to

That's why I needed you for, dear friend, when you told there's a possiblity
someone provocates I didn't think on. I was a kid then. And as I see noone
from Sarajevo or close comes to explain to me how to behave if that happens.
To shut up, to went away, to hit....?  Not because any other thing... Too
sudden for me in a week to decide to confront that possiblity.
But talking on war /and all wars I do consider same; no previous-after, I do
believe those would not be talks on this particular situation and then
forgotten/, in another country, so suddenly, knowing noone, with a
possiblity to be provocated,  is a litlle delicate for me. Connected to once
staying alone in a very close town I mentioned, noone was there, as well,
who will tell me what to do, they were as well thinking for their own. But
first time is a first time.

Sorry for using subjective arguments for an explanation, but they're the
only I have. Would prefere if never had them. But, I never heard one that
experienced the war speaking objective on that.
But I am interested in trying to find ways not to only to stop those things
but to create some kind of structure that could prevent it. And do believe
it's possible, but only after peace is once reached.


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