Fundacja WRO on Mon, 26 Apr 1999 16:22:42 +0100

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Syndicate: WRO 99 is coming soon

From: Fundacja WRO <>

Dear Syndicalists,

There you have a programme of WRO 99 International Media Art Biennale,
Wroc"aw Poland
We are talking opportunity to let you know that since middle of March our
previous mail was working rather unstable, it was broken twice. After last
server crash examination it is clear that some of our e-mails never was
sent out by the server. Also lately we are receiving correspondence from
the people  which we thought we already answered. So if you suppose you
should be informed from us -  or you  are waiting for answer you never
received that is probably coused by this .It is very probably, but not
absolutelly sure the server is hacked on intelligent way. So it is possible
that email you sent to us  never reach its destination or our info didnt
live out the server. This is really hard to discover  just 3 days before
WRO biennale is started ....that maybe some articiapnts did not recived our
information about staying and other arrangements. By now please use for all correspondence in the future.

avaiable printed catalogue THE POWER OF TAPE (200 pages)includes texts of
Erkki Huhtamo, William Moritz, Jaroslaw Kapuscinski, Ermeline Le Mezo,
Piotr Krajewski

more detailed information

information about live audio and video netcast

piotr krajewski


[programme see previous mail]

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