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Syndicate: Call for partners - Youth for Europe pro

From: "info" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 1999 11:20:23 +0200
Subject: Call for partners - Youth for Europe project

Dear friends,

We are sending you one project idea "Art and Information against the
Violence". This will be youth exchange project (Action A.I). We are
looking for project partners. If you are interested in the idea,
please, read the letter bellow and reply URGENTLY (till Wednesday,
28.04.99). If you know some organizations that might be interested
in, feel free to forward this letter to them.

If you like to become our partner, please, send us a
fax (+359 2 870293) on your official organization sheet.  The letter
(approx. 1 page) should include: 1/ Project topic; 2/ dates of event,
venue; 3/ your organization name, address and fax and e-mail;
4/ responsible person; 5/ contact person, contact address, experience
and age of the contact person; 6/ some statement that your
organization "would like to become a partner" and that your
organization is "willing to promote the EU support and organize
future youth exchange activities". You could add on a second page a
sort description of your organization activities and especially in
the field of youth exchanges.

Bellow we apply the short project description. If you have questions
we are online (our address, phone, fax, e-mail, www are in the end of
this letter)

Best regards,
Rosen Petkov - Chairman of SCAS
Project title: Art and Information Against the Violence

Project duration: 1.10.1999 - 28.02.2000

Exchange event dates: December 5 - 15, 1999

Exchange place: Varna, Bulgaria

Funding source: Youth for Europe program of EU, Action A.I

Hosting organization: National Association - Student Computer Art
Society /SCAS/, Bulgaria. More information about us you could see in
our www site (

Aim of the  project:

The project "Art and Information against the Violence" explores how
the art and information could influence the society and how these two
tools (art, information) could be used against the violence. The aim
of the project is to give the participants an opportunity to share
experience and exchange ideas about the topic.

Sort description of the theme:

- The information could be a significant tool against the violence.
If young people are more informed about their neighbors, about the
multicultural aspects of the society, about the ethnical, religious
and other differences then the violence accidents will be less in
Europe. The lack of information is, in our opinion, one of the
reasons of the violence. Off course, it is not the only reason, but
may be one of them.

- Art is an important tool to influence the society and to train
people to explore differences, to be more tolerant and to avoid the
violence. We think, the art could be a significant tool to train
young people to have a wide vision, to be more aware about
differences, to encourage their exploration of the world (thru the

So, we believe, these two tools are very important tools to fight
against the violence. We think it will be interesting to join
a number of partners from different countries of Europe and explore
this problems.

Practical form of the exchange:

We imagine to a have a multilateral exchange in Varna, Bulgaria.
Varna is very old and famous city on the Black sea in Bulgaria. It is
also a good sea resort. From every partner we would like to invite
several persons (2-3) to join the group (25 persons + 5 Leadership
Team). In the form of meeting in Varna we will discuss the project
problems and also we will try to encourage future collaboration and
future exchanges between us.

If you are interested, please, reply urgently. We are online !
10 Narodno sabranie, Sofia 1000
phone/fax: +359 /2/ 870293

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