NIKOS VITTIS on Sat, 24 Apr 1999 10:52:20 +0200

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Syndicate: Ecological disaster

Dear all,
According to Greek scientists there is an increase of chlorides and other
chemical microparticles in the atmosphere these last weeks, depending on
the weather. These are not serious, at the moment but if here in Greece are
larger than it was before you can imagine how it would be in Jugoslavia and
neighboring countries.
There is also an increase in radiocity, in some places in northern Greece.
They think it comes from substances thrown from the airplanes to ionize the
atmosphere so that they confuse the radars. They think that this basically
an expiriment!!.
The haeds of the missiles have uranium-238. This caused the Gulf syndrome,
a kind of leukemia. the results are not yet completely known.  The effects
according to the scientists are covering an area of 20-50 Km around the
point the bomb fell. (For history, two days ago an official report
concerning the fall of an airplane (EL-AL) in Amsterdam in 1992 in a
residential area says, that 1) the plane was carrying uranium 238, 2) some
people died from cancer, 16 have the gulf syndrome, 16 others unknown
symptoms, 1100 people had minor unknown problems and they have visited the
hospital at some point. All these people were living around the area the
plane crashed)

Good luck,
Nikos Vittis
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