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 MeMail: Kosovo Crisis eMagazine     
 21 April 1999
 ------------------------------------> Paul Watson from Kosovo
 --------------------------------------> Mark Danner on Kosovo
 ----------------------------------> Earth Day and Rambouillet
 -------------------------------------------------> Commentary
 --------------------------------------------------> Headlines
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 Paul Watson from Kosovo
 While NATO has said that armed Serbs are forcing refugees
 to march to Pristina to be deported, Watson reports that
 some are being allowed to go home. 
 Serbs Steer Many Refugees Toward Home 
 by Paul Watson, Los Angeles Times (4-21-99)
 Watson talked to NBC Nightly News on April 20th in a segment
 called "In Their Own Words." This is what he said:
 "I am the last Western reporter in Pristina, in Kosovo, and I've 
 been here since the bombing began on March 24th. We live in an 
 age when you can watch bombs fall in slow motion through the 
 cross hairs of a weapons screen, but it is darn terrifying to be 
 underneath those things. 
 "The pictures that you see of a ghost town would apply to certain 
 parts of Pristina now. You can hear jets flying overhead all 
 the time, but I haven't sensed any panic. 
 "To think that NATO is doing this to try to end a civil war, to 
 try to end old ethnic hatreds, when all I see is those old ethnic 
 hatreds boiling over like they haven't before in my lifetime is 
 to think someone didn't think this through very well. I see 
 people becoming more hateful and more determined to fight on."
 Mark Danner on Kosovo
 Mark Danner, a writer for the New Yorker, has covered
 Yugoslavia extensively. In a lengthy piece for the New York 
 Review of Books, he says of the continuing comparisons to 
 Nazi Germany that "such drawing of half-century parallels, of the 
 parallel, derives in fact from a failure of memory. How much 
 more comfortable to invoke Europe in the 1940s than Croatia 
 and Bosnia in the 1990s, a mere few years ago." 
 He writes, "Endgame: we have finally stumbled into it, the confrontation 
 the West has labored so long and so hard to avoid, the consequences 
 of a politics of gesture. All the hesitations, hypocrisy, 
 half-solutions, compromises, and wishful thinking on which Western, 
 and above all American, policy have rested for nearly a decade-all 
 stand revealed for what they are in the reality of those hundreds 
 of thousands of people massed along the Macedonian and Albanian 
 borders, deposited there with such efficiency by Slobodan Milosevic, 
 the great peacemaker of Dayton."
 Endgame in Kosovo
 by Mark Danner, New York Review of Books (5-6-99)
 Earth Day and Rambouillet
 Robert Hayden
 Director of the Center for Russian and East European Studies at the
 University of Pittsburgh, Hayden said: "The administration's Rambouillet
 plan was a public relations fraud rather than a diplomatic compromise. It
 provided for the independence of Kosovo in all but name and the military
 occupation by NATO of all of Yugoslavia-not just Kosovo. This was plainly a
 proposal that no government could accept... NATO's bombing of the
 petrochemical plant at Baric only a few miles from Belgrade risked the life,
 health and safety of the civilian population of 2 million in the city of
 Belgrade. The attack released clouds of poison gas over Belgrade, and
 violated international humanitarian law. Fortunately, the winds kept the
 poison cloud above the city. Ironically, Clinton had just warned the Serbs
 against using chemical weapons."
 The full news release from the Institute for Public Accuracy is at:
 The Progressive magazine has a number of pieces on the war in
 the May issue including an article by Ruth Conniff
 on Rep. Barbara Lee, one of the few U.S. politicians
 to oppose the war. Commentaries from Noam Chomsky,
 Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Danny Schechter and others
 are also listed here.
 A Diplomatic Solution by Howard Zinn
 Bill Clinton's War
 Conscientious Objector in the House by Ruth Conniff
 Noam Chomsky on Radio Nation (4-14-99)
 Norman Solomon on Democracy Now (2nd segment) (4-21-99)
 African-Americans Are Deafeningly Silent on Kosovo
 by Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Jinn (4-19-99)
 The Kosovo News Drama
 by Danny Schechter (4-20-99)
 From Vietnam to Serbia
 by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair (4-21-99)
 "Shocked at the accidental killing Monday of a civilian by U.S. 
 jets training for Kosovo, Puerto Rican politicians and residents 
 alike are demanding that Clinton end some 60 years of bombings, 
 shellings and strafings on the island of Vieques."
 Politicians demand Navy stop bombing Puerto Rican island (4-21-99)
 The big buildup 
 by Laura Rozen, Salon (4-20-99)
 'Over the ridge, a 21st-century war rages. Here, it's a biblical tragedy' 
 by Richard Lloyd Parry, Independent (4-21-99)
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