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Syndicate: Re: black screen

Thank you for your initiative Valery!

What about connecting our black screens by a refresh url. This way we would
make a long line of protest/memory  - it would be easier for visitors to
see the size of the movement. Although it would be nice to make a really
long refresh line this would require some difficult organizing - several
shorter ones would be almost as efficient I guess.

I made a refresh from this site:
to this site:
(It was when I saw this last one I got the idea.)

Close down your site, change it with a black page and make this black page
refresh to another black site of your choice,
when you find a line of black pages mail the owner of the last page in the
line and ask her/him to make a url to your black site. (This requires
people participating to include their e-mail adress somewhere on the page
or in the source code, of course.)

mvh Atle Barcley

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