valery grancher on Wed, 21 Apr 1999 09:45:44 +0100

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Syndicate: black curtain for war victims ...

[the euro-english in this message can be a bit misleading at some points,
but i think it is clear what valery has in mind; apologies for the
interference; -a]

From: valery grancher <>

To all of you,

Following different events and how is evolving this war context
specially on mediatic level, I would like to share some thoughts with
all of you:
Since several weeks nothing has changed and war innocent victims are
getting more and more pain and are dying under TV camera and various
media as internet... and all of us, I guess want to stop it...
All around this war there is inflation of images and noise:

- debate noise
- bombs noise
- ideology noise
- war images
- victims images
- bombing images
- Pain images

Through our net activism we are bringing more and more images, sign and
texts and nothing is changing !!!!!
May be we are becoming a kind of  agent of 'the society spectacle' as
Debord defined. Until a little moment we will be included in the global
noise !!!! and we will loose our protest, position, and ethics ....

How to fight against that ?

I'm suggesting to make an art protest stronger and more pacific by
breaking the "spectacle logic" (as Debord defined), by now making a big
silence, by disapperaing in front of all of the eyes .....

We should now make a black screen whithout anything, dedicated to dead
victims in this war ...
I suggest also to all of us to make our website as a black screen during
this war to protest ....

I started today to shut up my website and we launch a big movement on
the web to invite everybody to shut up his website for one day on next
may 1st.
check this black screen at my URL:

this balck screen is a black background with black text (H1):

This black curtain is dedicated to the War victims until the kosovar
genocyd continue and until the NATO          bombing will continue.We
decided to stop to partcipate to the "spectacle society" by putting a
black screen to my website!We have to fight against war for peace and
This screen  is dedicated to WAR victims !!!!!

This black screen during one day on May 1st 1999 should be an
international "one minute of silence" dedicated to innocents war victims
all around the world an specially to kosovo ....

Please keep me informed about who's participating to this movement...
Forward thie email to your circle contact ...

Valery Grancher

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