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Syndicate: Easy-ROM "tokyocity.ee"

|||||   This is not a war message   |||||
Raivo Kelomees
Easy-ROM "tokyocity.ee"
(Mac and PC. Data on the disk is under 100 MB.)

"tokyocity.ee" is a CD-ROM and digital video installation presented in
Tallinn City Gallery from 17 March to 4 April 1999. Registered address
"tokyocity.ee" is an attempt to give to the useless art project a name of
domain. Data on this site is reflecting digital art project and is not a
specific net project. The net is just a mediator.
Project "tokyocity.ee" is drawn on personal experiences about one city.
Tokyo is a megatown, supercity, agglomeration and supernatural hybrid. I
was interested by experiences, which arise staying in this city-machine.
But the myth about Tokyo is more major than the city itself. There
everything seems more smaller and dimensions are human.  The city is a
functional machine organized to a nationally non-characterized
environment. The prevailing experiences were experiences with time.
Experiences about this invisible matter. Also about how the invisible
there differs from the habitual invisible here.
Nelli Rohtvee "Dot as a Border":
Although time is invisible, it is expressed by space. Raivo Kelomees'
"tokyocity.ee" is in his words dedicated to the relation of time, tack and
duration as well as to it's subjective sense.
The space of a city and geographical areas are understood through the
meanings attributed to them. Meanings are understood as stories, history
and facts. In Kelomees' Tokyo-imaginary we see a city space impoverished
by meanings, Tokyo without the compulsory adjustment of Japanese culture
as abstract patterns, graphic and auditive textures.
Parallel to Kelomees' project in City Gallery there is also opened a web
page www.tokyocity.ee. The understandable word "tokyocity" is combined by
artist with Estonia's domain names ending ".ee". With this aware discord
he seems to reach out of the place, losing the bind with physical
environment. And what kind of place this "tokyocity.ee" is? No-place,
where a border lies in a dot between the words, which are filled with
fruitless discussions about time.

In his video, as well as in CD-ROM, we can see Tokyo views turning into
abstractions, which are shots from the city railway Yamanote Line. They
seem as they could be shot elsewhere. In a knowledge that they belong to a
mythical city we notice that our expectations wreck into the meaningless
and realistic picture surface.
CD-ROM "tokyocity.ee" is produced by author. Ordering: send approx. 5 USD
to the address below for mail costs.
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