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ON SITUATION IN MACEDONIA  Monday, April 19, 1999

... Macedonian police discovered secrete warehouses of KLA...During the 
weekend 3.000 refugees from Kosovo have passed the border...The settlers 
around the camps Brazda and Stenkovec do not alowe the extending of the 
camps...The air-bridge still exists, although with reduced capacity...The 
refugee lists available on Internet.

The Macedonian police has found an underground base of KLA in abandoned 
mine at the v. Lojane near Kumanovo, with 4,5 T of weapons and munitions. 
An improvised shooting ground and a masked machine-gun nest were also found 
An underground hiding place, with 10.000 pieces of bullets and 253 hand 
bombs hidden, was found in the
v. Radolishte near Struga.
After the police search in the v. Vaksince near Kumanovo, a certain 
quantity of weapons and munitions  was found in 6 private houses.
Refering to this, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Nikola Kljusev and the 
Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Pavle Trajanov stated that there is a 
possibility that Government will came up with decision to forbid the 
movements in the area 10 km from the north border.

On Saturday, the soldiers of the Army of R.Macedonia have stopped the 
illegal enter of 10 Albanians from Kosovo and handed them over to the 
In the v. Tanushevci, near the border, the Army has found 1.200 refugees 
>from Kosovo who were sheltered in private houses. The refugees were 
transferred to Stenkovec.
About 700 refugees have passed the border at Blace on Saturday, and 
yesterday there were almost no passings at all. At Jazince, during the 
weekend, 1.571 refugees passed the border, and 500 more were waiting. Most 
of these people were transported to Stenkovec and a smaller part to 

According to Makfaks, the Prime minister of the Government of RM, Mr. 
Ljupco Georgievski, in his conversation with the General Wesley Clark, on 
Saturday 17.04.1999, has again reminded the military official of the other 
countries obligation to accept the refugees, considering the fact that, 
this crisis does not have only a humanitarian, but also economic and 
political character.
The UNHCR has still not finished the registration of the refugees in the 

On yesterday's negotiations with the owners of the land, who are mostly 
citizens of the communities on Skopska Crna Gora (mountain in Macedonia), 
the Ministry of Urbanism and Civil Constructions has faced a very strong 
attitude that not allows the extending of the camp Brazda-Stenkovec.
Unofficially, there are 38.000 refugees in the both camps in Stenkovec. 
Three teams of the Health Institution from Skopje are in charge of the 
health condition in the camp. These teams are financed by the Fund of 
Health Security of R.Macedonia and treating about 100 patients per day.
The team of Medecins Sans Frontieres consisted of 13 doctors and 10 nurses 
is managing to treat 600-700 not very ill people. The Israeli hospital, 
where 14 military doctors and 7 nurses are working, is equipped by surgery 
hall, laboratory, roentgen and other departments.
In this hospital with a capacity of 100 beds, more than 1.500 patients have 
been treated, and among them- there was one successful appendix surgery and 
10 healthy baby deliveries.
The merging of the members of a wider families has started on Saturday.
Till now, 26 citizens of RM have been arrested for smuggling in the refugee 
camps and 9 people for offering a bribe for an illegal escaping from the 
The public enterprise "Drisla" has taken over  the cleaning of the refugee 
camps from the public enterprise "Komunalna higiena". About 150 T of 
garbage from the camps are collected every day.
On today's press-conference, NATO has stated that all the camps except from 
Neproshteno( that will be handed over on Wednesday 21.04.99) are handed 
over to the competence of the NGOs. NATO will be furthermore available for 
emergency cases, especially referring the transport, connections and 

During the weekend, 590 refugees were transported abroad trough the 
air-bridge, 273 to Germany, 169 to France and 169 to Belgium.

During the weekend activities for organisation of the life were performed 
in the camp Radusha. One big tent is enabled for school for the children, 
and TV sets will be installed. Hygienic parcels were given out. Food 
products were distributed in the camp as well. Area around the tabs is 
concreted, there are washing tabs  and water in the toilets, therefore the 
hygiene is on the higher level. Also, the station for chlorazing the water 
is installed.
On the Saturday night group of 150 refugees arrived, that have passed on 
the passing Jazince, and are sheltered in the buildings of the mining 
community Radusha.
The SOS tel.(++389 91 139 009), organised by MCIC for help and informing of 
the refugees is used for collecting data  on the separated refugee 
families. The data will be published every Friday in daily newspaper in 
Albanian language " Fakti", from Skopje. Till yesterday, one family is 
Other Organisation
El Hilal is shearing food every day( vegetable oil, pasta, juice, biscuits, 
milk, sardines, marmalade, salt, potatoes and flower) and hygienic 
issues(soap, shampoo and detergents) to 200 refugee families from different 
parts in Skopje, most of them having 7-10, even more members. El Hilal is 
in need of flower, pasta, vegetable oil, rice, beans, detergents, dippers, 
shampoo and soap.
Rom's Organisation of Women in Macedonia "Daja"-Kumanovo is distributing 
food, clothing, sheets and blankets, and baby parcels, to the refugees 
staying with the families, organises school activities for the children 
refugees and helps in sheltering and humanitary assisting of the refugees. 
ROWM " Daja" provides all these products through Karitas, Decep, Found for 
urgent action and her own activities.
"Moon"- Gostivar, has distributed the help in food, beds and sheets and 
blankets, procured by  MCIC, Karitas-Esen and from European Prospective 
Decep from Greece , to 38 families with 176 persons.
Union of Democratic Initiative from Gostivar has created a web  page, that 
contains lists of registered refugees, aiming reunion of separated 
families. The address of the web page is: .
Yesterday, 6 trunks with 77 T of humanitarian help from Greece arrived in 
Macedonia. One of the trunks suppose to go for Serbia. 102 T more of Greek 
humanitarian help are expected.
200.000 doses of vaccines against the children paralysis and 30.000 doses 
against measles, rubella and mumps from UNICEF arrived in RM, as well as 
50.000 doses of the same vaccine from the World Health Organisation.
EBRD will examine closely  emergency help measures for Macedonia and 
Albania, says Royters.

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