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Syndicate: UPDATE 20.04., 10.00 - syn-bud 23-25 april

UPDATE 20.04., 10.00 - syn-bud 23-25 april

PARTICIPATION. The list of people joining is growing, and there will most
certainly be more at the actual meeting. There are, for reasons of
paranoia, no names of people from Yugoslavia on the list below, save for
some official ex-patriotes. (Expect some surprises.) Adele and some others
have struggled to sort out the accommodation question. If you still need
help, please, contact <> immediately.

THEMES. There is now a long and complex list of possible things to talk
about. I think the best thing will be to discuss this with everybody on
Friday afternoon and then decide quickly how to proceed. My suggestion at
the moment is that we spend Friday discussing the current situation,
historical dimensions, things to keep in mind, conspiracy theories, blame
and evil, spend the evening arguing and crying and drinking, and then
become practical on Saturday, maybe splitting up into smaller discussion
and action groups that focus on specific things.

SCHEDULE. On arriving in Budapest (unless you've arranged something else
re: accommodation, etc.), everybody should come to C3 where we will have
the first meeting on Friday 23rd, at around 15.00. It looks like we will be
having dinner at C3 that evening. Saturday will be the main day of the
meeting. On Sunday people will start leaving from around mid-day, so we
should have a farewell get-together somewhere, maybe for a long breakfast.

C3: Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest I (Castle Hill), Orszaghaz
u. 9, tel: (36.1) 214.6856, fax: (36.1) 214.6872 (Contacts: Adele
Eisenstein, Andrea Szekeres, Miklos Peternak, Jinx (ParaRadio))

*CONFIRMED PARTICIPANTS (dates are of arrival and departure;
accommodation&travel info)

- Inke Arns (Berlin)
- Zvonimir Bakotin (Zagreb/Hamburg) (?)
- Kit Blake (New York/Rotterdam)
- Arthur Bueno (Rotterdam)
- Andreas Broeckmann (Berlin/Rotterdam)
- Vuk Cosic (Belgrade/Ljubljana) (?)
- Nina Czegledy (Budapest/Toronto)
- Adele Eisenstein (New York/Budapest)
- Micz Flor, Daniel, Vesna (various/Vienna)
- Caius Grozav (Arad/Oradea)
- Honor Harger (Australian transit)
- Oleg Kireev (Moscow)
- Katrin Kivimaa (Tallinn/Budapest)
- Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam)
- Stephen Kovats (Canada/Berlin)
- Diana McCarty (New Mexico/Budapest)
- Vesna Manojlovic (Belgrade/Amsterdam)
- Iliyana Nedkova (Sofia/Liverpool)
- Melentie Pandilovski (Skopje)
- Ana Peraica (Zagreb)
- Miklos Peternak (Budapest)
- Toni Prug (xYu/London)
- Florian Schneider (Munich)
- Janos Sugar (Budapest)
- Andrea Szekeres (Budapest)
- Herwig Turk (Vienna)

*TRAVEL (please, contact these people directly)

- Florian Schneider, driving from Munich, 2-3 places (dates not fixed)
- Herwig Turk, driving from Vienna, 2-3 places (23 noon-25 afternoon)

*ACCOMMODATION (contact through Adele Eisenstein <>)


- what should be done at this point? (incl. campaigning, concrete
contingency planning for staying in touch)
- the syndicate at war
- the long-term future of deep europe
- deep europe/border camp (Florian Schneider)
- digital nomadism - becoming refugee - is this 'home'? (Ana Peraica)

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