Pit Schultz on Tue, 20 Apr 1999 08:26:32 +0100

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> http://info.anonymizer.com/kosovo.shtml";;>Kosovo

ok, this comes late, but here are some rarely asked questions:

- who needs such an anonymous service in kosovo these days? who even
  has internet access there? people lost their passports, their homes,
  contact to their relatives, now they should symbolically give
  up their names?

- who in rest-yugoslavia needs to anonymize email or web traffic?
  hackers surely know how to help themselves, and as everyone can
  see, Serbian citizens are concerned to express their opionions
  under their own names. to *help* the opposition everyone in
  a bigger western metropole can offer a place in their own
  appartment. the only rethoric which needs support is reconstruction.
  anonymity is indeed a bad way to rebuild a society wich
  contains quite a few war criminals. and finally *identity* seems
  to be the very central currency to fight for. even if it is as
  abstract, anonymous and cold as the 'face' of the nato.

- who needs all the attention going to this remote aid? who owns
  it? possibly the us american privacy movement? what do you
  know about it? who do they really help? do you care about it?

- how would *you* deal with dubious mail personalities not
  willing to tell their 'true' name if asked?

- did you ever watch CNN and ask why there is still YU-TV
  sending out 'nationalistic propaganda'?

- and finally for those who are really paranoid now. what is
  the best way to catch a fly?

berlin is sunny today, people sitting outside. everything
looks peaceful. the bbc world service tells me what's going
on elsewhere. a new 'troll' is travelling from report to report
after the confusion about 'problem and solution' it's now
called 'pie in the sky'. the spiral of radical pragmatism
indeed continues. do it, do it, do it. but what? the only
political star in the US is a vietnam veteran demanding to
send all it takes to finish the job. apocalyse wow!

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