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Start "Open Channels for Kosovo"

Since the war in Kosovo started independent media in the region are under
tremendous pressure. All independent electronic and print media in Kosovo
are closed down. For those journalists who still can give independent
analysis and reports Press Now - with the support of other organisations-
started "Open Channels for Kosovo. Voices from the region".

Reports, analysis and personal stories from independent journalist from
Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia and other countries in the region will
be collected and published on the website of "Open Channels for Kosovo"

"Open Channels" has installed a special telephone system, where
journalists from the region can phone in and leave their daily audio
reports, reporting on the media and politics.

We hope to give a voice to those journalists who are almost silenced,

and give the visitor an alternative view on the crisis in the Balkan.

"Open Channels for Kosovo" is also a campaign to raise money for
independent media in the region, so mediamakers can keep working, and
media can be restructured as soon as this crisis will be over.

"Open Channels for Kosovo" is organized by Press Now, an organisation
fighting for independent media in the region.

It is supported by The Digital City , Radioqualia, Society for Old and New
Media, Xs4all.

Open Channels for Kosovo - Voices from the Region:

Support free press in the Balkans: Giro 7676, Press Now, Amsterdam

Press Now:
The Digital City:
Society for old and new media:

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