Katrin Kivimaa on Sun, 18 Apr 1999 18:42:55 +0100

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syndicate meeting

Dear Andreas Broeckmann,
My name is Katrin Kivimaa and I'm Estonian art critic/historian currently
staying in Budapest. Tiia Johannson forwarded me the invitation to
syndicate meeting asking if I would like to go there since neither her nor
Raivo Kelomees can come from Estonia.
I have been working in Estonian art press for several years and currently
I'm about to finish my MPhil on Estonian feminist/gendered art here in
Budapest, in Central European University. New media art and theory has been
lately one of my major interests as well. Recently I participated in
translocation conference in Vienna with the presentation on Estonian new
media art and its reception. The short version of the paper was also
published in the springerin translocation issue which came out recently. So
much for my background.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Katrin Kivimaa