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Just to show you some of the reaction in my (neutral) country, and to show
you what kind of information the Europeans get via their papers, an excerpt
from the KURIER, a big Austrian newspaper, of today - translated by me:

"Not much better than in Albania is the situation in Makedonija. Throughout
the camp Blace a large stream of refugees is coming. About 10.000 of them
are expected to come soon! The Makedonijan ambassador in Germany, Srgjan
Kerim, warned about the pending humanitarian catastrophe and turned to the
EU: 'The European Union must take more refugees, otherwise we are suffocated
by this wave of refugees.'
The Makedonijan government refuses - in spite of the growing number of
refugees - to create more camps in the country. In Skopje, 2.000 Serbs
demonstrated against the NATO attacks, on Saturday.  The UNHCR tries to fly
about 1.500 refugees out of Makedonija to other European countries, daily.
According to a US note, president Miloshevic tries to undermine the
stability of the bordering states by this 'ethnic cleansing'. The UNO
believes that the Kosovo region will be "Albanian free" within a short time.
According to NATO, 3.200 Kosovo Albanian were murdered by the Yugoslav army
in the last three weeks and a mass-grave with 150 corpses was discovered."
- 'The British Daily Chronicle reports that near Prizren about 5.000
Albanian were butchered and many villages burned by the Serbs. The Serbs
declare openly: The Muslim Albanians must be exterminated, this is the most
efficient mean to pacify the country.' - This is not a report about 1999 but
about the years 1912/13. At that time as today Belgrade follows one goal in
the Kosovo area: The region, for Serbs the historic kernel, should become
"Albanian free".

"At a meeting of the EU finance ministers on Saturday, it was decided to
postpone the payments of the credits, which Albania and Makedonija are
having. The great burden of interest rate paying should be cut for at least
two years.
The new German finance minister, Eichel, said, that not only the war, but
also the peace will cost much money: 'We Europeans will pay for the peace in
the Balkans.' "

"The NATO alliance should say that their policy has failed to prohibit a
humanitarian catastrophe in the Kosovo region. The brutality of expulsion
increases by the day, until now more than 300.000 victims of the Serbs are
fleeing to Albania, 130.000 to Makedonija and ten thousands of them to
Miloshevic is up against the civilised world, he does not think about
capitulation. The West cannot continue bombing Serbia for ever, the Hamburg
paper DIE ZEIT wrote recently."


Today, the total cash amount of charity money for the refugees raised in
Austria reached 250 million Schillings, which is about 35,5 million DM. Can
you imagine the feeling of the 8 million Austrians, when they give away such
a sum?


In Austria about 60 % are currently against a membership with NATO. A great
majority is still in favour of neutrality.


That's all, folks, for the time being. I just wanted to show you the
information the Austrians get during these days - maybe similar to Germans


Peter R.

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