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Syndicate: Consequences

   A great piece of e-mail, written by Vladimir Radunovic, follows...


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   From: Vladimir Radunovic <>

   Here are the results of NATO's actions:

   - Few hundred thousands of refugees more than before the bombardment,
     Kosovo is almost empty - no more Albanians nor Serbs;
   - A lot of dead civilians, a lot of Serbs without their homes as well;
   - Completely devastated Kosovo region, almost all of the villages, as
     well as the cities; Pristina almost exists no more!
   - Half of Serbia is devastated; a lot of the factory of the main
     economical importance were ruined, more than 200 000 men are left
     without their factories, therefore left with no job at all, it means
     200 000 families are left with almost no more incomes - sum up how
     many people are endangered about the pure existence (nearly million);
   - Predictable: the complete economical chaos Serbia will be in when
     this finishes;
   - Possible ecological problems - a huge quantity of oil have been
     poured into Danube after NATO missiles hit the oil refining
     facilities, let alone the stories about depleted uranium that has
     been used in the missiles;
   - Radio B92, "021" and many others are sealed up, no more independent
     media exist in Serbia at all;
   - The pictures of Slobodan Milosevic have appeared on the Belgrade main
     square, (the same one that had been the meeting point of all the
     anti-regime demonstrations so far), it didn't happen in last 10 years;
   - The most important regime people are walking freely at the
     streets of Belgrade while only a month ago, they didn't even think
     about that, 'cause someone would lynch them;
   - The civil law is cancelled, the capital (dead) punishment is on!
   - The new regulation is on, it says anyone could be captured by the
     police, without a single explanation, and kept arrested for 60 days,
     without anyone knowing were he/she is;
   - Slavko Curuvia, the famous opposition journalist, editor in chief of
     two very powerful independent newspapers, has been killed, in the
     middle of the day in the very centre of the city, in front of his
     house; the executions have started!

   Not only that we are endangered by the bombs directly, but even by a
   economical, human and ecological catastrophe in Serbia, also extremely
   endangered by the regime, ready to clean the country in all the ways,
   and all of that trigerred by NATO action!

   I could easily leave the country and live the proper life somewhere
   else, some years ago. I did not want that, nor did a lot of us. Why?
   Because we wanted to make this country live freely. We did sacrifice
   the best years of our lives for fighting for the democracy in this
   country. After all we've done, we are awarded by NATO bombs?!

   We've been fighting for Yugoslavia to become a part of Europe. But not
   Europe that we are seeing in these days. Not the savage Europe
   controlled by media and conducted by lunatics. No - the real Europe,
   consisted of all of you and all of us, clear sense people!


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