Adele Eisenstein on Thu, 22 Apr 1999 21:29:28 +0200 (METDST)

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Syndicate: Re: syn-bud 23-25 april - C3 FACT SHEET II

dear all - on the way to Bp.,

just a few little bits of information...
(the ones I can remember at the moment)


If you need to take a taxi, it is always best to telephone for one.
The best ones are:

City Taxi  2111111
Taxi 2000  2000000
Fo Taxi    2222222

Public Transport

in Budapest is really quite efficient -
they do have such a thing as a 3-day pass for tourists,
which is maybe the best if you don't want to think about anything...
otherwise you can buy books of 10 tickets - this is the cheapest option - 
but you have to remember to use them everytime you switch transportation
(including from one metro line to the other). especially in the metro, you
may run into controllers with red armbands...

also, always be careful with your money and valuables, especially on
public transport - there are a lot of pickpockets around...

Emergency Phone Numbers

Ambulance  104
Police     107
Fire       105

More programs...

We thought that perhaps for lunch on Saturday, people could go over to the
cafeteria in the Ludwig Museum, also in the Castle... then it would be
possible to kill two birds with one stone, and see the media installation
of Hungarian artist Roza El-Hassan.

Finally, there is a "Jugofesztival" in the Cinema of the Hungarian Film
Institute (Orokmozgo, on the ring, between Kiraly u. and Wesselenyi u.) -
it starts on Friday at 20:30 and goes on until 30 April. Programs are at
C3. (The Festival of Yugoslav Film was planned long before NATO bombing -
some program changes had to be made...)

ok, see you all tomorrow!
bon voyage...

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