Adele Eisenstein on Sun, 18 Apr 1999 16:52:59 +0200 (METDST)

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Syndicate: syn-bud 23-25 april - C3 FACT SHEET


C3: Center for Culture & Communication
Budapest I (Castle Hill), Orszaghaz u. 9
tel: (36.1) 214.6856
fax: (36.1) 214.6872

Contacts: Adele Eisenstein, Andrea Szekeres, Miklos Peternak, Jinx

You can get here with the 16 bus from Deak ter and some walking,
or from Moszkva ter with the Varbusz (3 stops to Kapisztran ter, and just
walk straight ahead some 50 m to a small orange house on the lefthand side
of the street)

If you arrive to Budapest - Ferihegy airport, the best way to get to any
address in the city is with the Airport Minibus. It costs HUF 1200 one way
(approx. DM 10) or HUF 2000 for the round-trip. There is also a minibus to
the Centrum which goes every half hour to the Kempinski Hotel at Deak ter
for HUF 600. 

If you arrive by train to Keleti Pu., you can take the metro directly to
Moszkva ter to get to C3 - see above.
You can do the same if you happen to arrive by train to Deli Pu. (if you
come from Croatia or Slovenia, for example).
If you happen to arrive to Nyugati Pu., you can also take the metro, but
you will have to change lines at Deak ter (to the red line, direction Deli
Pu.). You can also take the 4 or 6 tram, which stop in front of the
station, to Moszkva ter.

> SCHEDULE. Info about locations and other general stuff will follow in

First of all, the Apsolutno CD-Rom, presented for the first time at Cinema
Rex in March (the first YU CD-Rom), is here with us in Budapest.
Apsolutno Pola is willing to present it within the meeting, if there is
enough time/the right occasion...

...and just some points about possible group "entertaining"

There is a very interesting exhibition on at the Gallery of the Central
European University (Galeria Centralis, Bp. V., Nador u. 11), organised by
the Open Society Archives, called "The Commissar Vanishes - Falsified
Photos." (for more info, see It's open until 25 April, on
Tue-Fri 14-18:00, Sat-Sun 10-18:00. It might be worth going together...

Apropos, there is the Statue Park (where the removed Communist statues are
"laid to rest") - open everyday from 10:00 to dusk. (see

Finally, Iva Bittova is playing with Vladimir Vaclarek (CZ) on Saturday,
24 April at 20:00 at the Trafo (Bp. IX., Liliom u. 41, at Tuzolto u.,
near the Ferenc krt. metro stop on the blue line).
Perhaps we can go as a group, but then you should all advise as to whether
you are interested - then we could reserve tickets in advance (HUF 900).

don't hesitate with further questions...
see you soon...

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