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Syndicate: Rebranding NATO

funny indeed, with a spoonful of salt (makes the medicine go down!)


>From: Hari Kunzru <hari@dircon.co.uk>
>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 18:12:31 +0200
>Rebranding NATO: A SpinMute consultation document 
>Executive Summary: 
>As a long-term PR strategy, the current NATO campaign in the Balkans(TM)
>has its drawbacks. As a brand, NATO's long term prospects look bleak
>unless a serious reappraisal of its mission and values is undertaken.
>Thus Mute's corporate presentation analysis wing (SpinMute)  has
>produced the following strategy document, aimed at improving NATO's
>damaged consumer profile 
>Current brand values: 
>When surveyed, a representative sample of NATO core consumers (defined
>as upper income genetically-pure Western European tax-payers) identified
>'war' 'bombing' 'imperialism' and 'fear' as primary NATO brand values.
>This is obviously unacceptable, since outside certain sectors of the
>youth market these attributes are not perceived as benefits, or as
>likely to lead positive purchase or endorsement action.  
>Interestingly, the US-owned fashion brand 'TheWest', whose market
>segmentation is in many ways congruent to that of NATO, received a
>largely positive evaluation in the same survey. 'Freedom', 'Air Max' and
>'consumer electronics' were marked highly in relation to 'TheWest'. In
>line with this, it can be seen that recent cross-marketing initiatives
>between NATO and TheWest have yielded positive benefits, especially when
>NATO sales activities have been presented using TheWest branding,
>promotional style and look. We recommend that these activities be
>extended through every media channel. 
>One possible strategy for diluting the current negative appraisal of
>NATO in the global conflict marketplace would be to extend the brand
>into other related segments. Social service provision, work with the
>disabled, light entertainment and a possible clothing brand are all
>potential areas into which NATO might successfully move. By raising
>brand awareness, particularly in the youth and female clerical sectors,
>major perceptual shifts could be accomplished. One possible scenario
>might include the production of a NATO telethon, the proceeds going to
>aid victims of conflict, with the dual aim of launching a range of
>blouson jackets, caps and record bags. Positive responses would be
>generated by the donation of a nominal percentage of the retail price of
>such items to NATO approved non-political charities. 
>Total Rebranding 
>Brand stretch will only partially solve the image problem created by
>collateral damage sustained in NATO's  recent aggressive marketing
>campaign. It is suggested that the widest possible positive response
>would be generated through a coherent strategy of rebranding, including
>serious work on corporate identity and presentation. Possible avenues of
>approach include changing the name 'NATO' with its downmarket retro
>acronymic feel, to something more in line with current lifestyle trends.
>'Peaceforce 2000' and 'WestLove!' have been suggested as potential
>starting points for discussion. The current dark blue colourway and
>compass-point logo are also problematic areas, being identified too
>heavily with an ageing conservative market. Lilac, or this season's ecru
>colour schemes might yield valuable results, especially if accompanied
>by logo shapes based on feminine, soft lines. [See accompanying images
>'lilac bunny', 'lilac daisy' for reference] 
>Presentation techniques employed by NATO sales and PR representatives in
>recent media briefings have been poor. Downbeat language and low quality
>graphics have done untold damage to both share price and brand identity.
>It is suggested that certain basic substitutions might redress the
>balance. For 'air strike' the phrase 'peace sprinkling' should be used.
>'Refugees' are ' unforeseeably mobile consumers' and 'tanks' should be
>referred to as 'monster trucks' if NATO equipment, the word 'tank' being
>reserved solely for PanSlav (TM) vehicles. Weaponry of any kind, if in
>the hands of NATO troops must not be referred to in a disquieting
>fashion. A good general guideline would be to employ the imagery of a
>benevolent gardener, sowing the seeds of love and understanding in the
>receptive soil of the Balkans (TM). Thus 'guided missile' goes to
>'precision seedling' etcetera. 
>NATO has an excellent chance of maintaining its market share well into
>the twenty-first century, as long as it takes care to follow best PR
>practice and sink a significant portion of investment into rebranding
>and corporate presentation 
>[This communication was framed by Hari Kunzru hari@dircon.co.uk,
>director SpinMute, a unit of Mute Media Group Ltd, wholly owned
>subsidiary of BigCorp Worldwide] 
>Hari Kunzru

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