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Syndicate: Fwd [Fwd: state terrorism and sculptur

> bloody call for sculptures

If you need info contact directly MArcelo
Brodsky<marcelo@latinstock.com> he is THE organizer *Marcelos brother is
one of many missing*and REJOICE cause there must be people in the UN and
NATO planning something similar related to YU
so we may art about the horrors of the war

> "PARQUE DE LA MEMORIA" in Buenos Aires, Argentina
> The purpose of this prize is to select eight sculptural works created
> in
> memory of those people who were either kidnapped and declared
> "missing" or
> murdered by the State Terrorism in Argentina. This sculptures will
> become
> part of a memorial park complex to be built along the banks of the Río
> de
> la Plata river in Buenos Aires.
> During the 70's, military dictatorships were established in several
> South
> American countries, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia.
> These
> dictatorships, which overturned the constitutional order, were similar
> to
> those already existing in Brazil and, for decades, in Paraguay. Under
> the
> guise of the "Doctrine of National Security" the militaru juntas goal
> was
> to eradicate the worldwide popular movements which, since the 60's,
> had
> attempted to change these countires' inequitable social and economic
> structures.
> In Argentina, aided by a decree aimed at suppressing guerrilla
> movements
> (which by then were practically dismantled) the Military Dictatorship
> instituted a Terrorist State that repressed the popular movements in
> order
> to impose policies inspired in economic liberalism. During the
> previous
> years, thousands of political activists had been imprisoned and
> murdered
> and the practice of kidnapping had already begun. From March 24th,
> 1976 -
> date of beginning of the dictatorship- this practice was applied
> systematically and massively. Official numbers account for almost
> 9.000
> missing persons by September 1984 (1): 48,1% were workers (a majority
> of
> which were also students); 10,7% professionals; 21% students; 5,7%
> teachers; 3,8% housewives; 2,9% journalists, writers and artists and
> 0,3%
> members of the clergy.
> 75,4% of these people were kidnapped either from their homes, working
> places or educational establishments or from military, justice or
> police
> departments where they were being held prisoners. Witnesses watched as
> they
> were taken away, handcuffed and blindfolded to any of the 360
> concealed
> Detention Centers around the country. Once there, they were submitted
> to
> horrendous torture, rape and abuse. Among kidnapped were 250
> adolescents
> between 13 and 15 years old and 172 children. In Argentina, a unique
> and
> particularly appalling system was set up. It consisted in the
> appropriation
> of the kidnapped children and the preservation of pregnant women in
> captivity until the birth of their babies. Those mothers are still
> missing,
> while their children were stolen by their kidnappers and deprived of
> their
> identity, family and history. Several Human Rights Organizations
> which, for
> the last 22 years, have been strivng for the Truth and Justice,
> introduced
> a bill project for the creation of a site for remembrance and tribute,
> facing the Río de la Plata river. This commemmorative place will
> include an
> ensemble of sculptural works and a monument that will record the names
> of
> the victims of the State Terrorism.
> This initiative was supported the Legislature of the City of Buenos
> Aires,
> whcih passed Bill # 46 on July 21st, 1998. This bill assigns "a site
> on the
> coast of the Río de la Plata to be used as a public park in which a
> monument and a group of sculptures will be placed in homage to those
> disappeared and murdered by State Terrorism during the 70's and
> beginning
> of the 80's, until the restitution of the State of Right" (2). This
> monument will face the river because many of the victims were dumped
> into
> its waters. This was confessed by some of the murderers and is a fact
> that
> the Argentineans have known for many years.
> This sculptural and memorial park does not intend to heal wounds that
> cannot be healed, nor should it be a substitute for truth and justice.
> Nothing will give back true peace to those who could never find out
> the
> final destiny of their beloved ones, brutally tortured and murdered
> without
> trial. This park will stand as a testimony, a symbolic memento and
> homage
> to those whose life was obliterated and who became known to the world
> as
> "desaparecidos"(missing) and to those who were murdered as well. They
> will
> always be present through their inscribed names and this tribute to
> their
> mutilated lives. Future generations will be albe to come face to face
> with
> the memory of these atrocities and become more aware that this must
> AGAIN  (NUNCA MÃ?S) be repeated.
> The artists who are invited to participate should keep in mind, when
> conceiving their design concept, both the need to bring these victims
> our
> of the anonymity of mere and uncertain statistics that do not reflect
> each
> individual story and the need to convey the causes and ideals of
> liberty
> and social justice for which they fought.
> We hope that the artist's inspiration and talent will echo the
> citizens'
> will to erect this monument with fervour, but with no grandiloquence,
> since
> those to whom it is dedicated, aimed at bliss. "For bliss I live, I
> fight
> and die... let my name never be bound to sadness" (Julius Fucik,
> victim of
> Nazism).
> The Commission for the Monument to the Victims of State Terrorism
> ("Comisión Pro Monumento a las Víctimas del Terrorismo de Estado")
> created
> by Bill # 46 is launching an award for the creation of a sculptural
> commemmorative park, "Parque de la Memoria".
> This Commission is formed by four members of the Government of the
> City of
> Buenos Aires, twelve Legislators of the City of Buenos Aires, one
> member
> representing the University of Buenos Aires and ten members of Human
> Rights
> Organizations. It is also the organizing entity of the award and is
> located
> at the site of the Legislature:
> Perú 130, Buenos Aires.
> The prize is open to artists from Argentina or any other country,
> without
> limit of age, which may enter individually or in group. In the case of
> a
> group, one artist will habe to be duly designated as legal
> representative
> and will serve as official contact of the group. Each participant will
> present a porposal for only one work, signed and duly identified.
> Presentation of design concepts.
> Participants are invited to present their proposals according to the
> instructions under paragraph 6.2 of the regulations. The Jury will
> select
> twenty four (24) artists who will become semi-finalists and will be
> awarded
> $3,000 each to compensate for the cost of the second stage
> requirements:
> scale models, technical drawings, etc.
> The payments will be done after presentation of the developed design
> stage.
> Each semi-finalist will also be awarded a certificate mentioning his/
> her
> selection.
> The 24 semi- finalists will present their proposal and design, fully
> developed as per instructions in paragraph 6.3 of the regulations. The
> Jury
> will choose eight (8) winning works and four (4) "honorary mentions"
> in
> order of merit. Each of the eight winners will be awarded a prize of
> $10,000.
> The technical and economic feasibility of each project will be
> concerted
> between the organizers and each of the selected artists, through the
> discussion of budgets and technical requirements.
> In case of these negotiations do not succeed, the organizers hold the
> right
> to declare that one or several of the winning projects cannot be
> executed.
> In such a case, the organizers may initiate negotiations with the
> "honorary
> mentions", strictly following the order assigned by the Jury.
>         6.1. RECEPTION OF WORKS
>          6.1.1. PLACE AND DATE
> The applications and proposals should be delivered to:
> Oficina de la Comisión Pro Monumento a las Víctimas del Terrorismo de
> Estado
> Perú 130
> (1067) - Buenos Aires
> República Argentina
> >From Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm until June 25th,
> 1999.
>          6.1.2. SENDING BY MAIL
> The proposals sent by mail will be accepted only if postmarked not
> later
> than June 22nd, 1999.
> Mailing expenses are to be borne by the artist.
>          6.1.3. EXCLUSION FROM THE PRIZE
> These dates cannot be changed.
> Proposals not received in due time will not be accepted.
>          6.2.1. PROPOSALS
> Design concepts can be presented as drawings, photographs, prints,
> etc.,
> and must be shown on display boards of approximately 0,70 m x 1 m,
> with the
> participant's name and signature on the back. Each participant or team
> must
> present at least four different views of their design concept.
>          6.2.2. WRITTEN PROPOSAL
> The illustrated materials must be accompanied by a descriptive text no
> longer than two A$ double space typewritten pages, explaining the
> design
> concept as presented and its relation to the purpose of this prize.
> Information about materials, sizes, construction details and
> maintenance of
> the work should also be presented.
> The artists should enclose curriculum vitae and a résumé with slides,
> photos, prints of previous works. (The absence of the latter will not
> exclude works form being considered).
> Each participant must send in a signed written statement certifying
> that
> the work proposed is their original creation, according to the form
> enclosed in Annex II.
> The descriptive statement, technical information and background
> information
> must be enclosed in an envelope with the display boards, the Entry
> Form
> (Annex I) and Statement of Authenticity (Annex II).
>          6.2.7. LANGUAGES
> All written information shall be presented either in Spanish or
> English.
> The selected artists will develop their preliminary concept and design
> in a
> three- dimensional version (including scale model, technical drawings,
> etc.). They must also enclose an estimated budget for the execution of
> the
> work.
> In due time, the organizers will inform the selected semi- finalists
> of
> more specific technical requirements and regulations for this second
> stage
> of the prize.
> 7. JURY
>         7.1. MEMBERS
> Carlos Alonso (artist, Argentina)
> Estela Carlotto (Grandmother of Plaza de Mayo, Argentina)
> Berardo Dujovne (architect, Argentina)
> David Elliot (curator, England)
> Paulo Herkenhoff (curator, Brazil)
> Enio Iommi (sculptor, Argentina)
> Fabián Lebenglik (art critic, Argentina)
> Lillian Llanes (curator, Cuba)
> Marcelo Pacheco (curator, Argentina)
> Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (winner of the Peace Nobel Prize, Argentina)
> Francoise Yohalem (specialist in public art, United States of America)
> The organizers will summon the Jury within the fifteen (15) days that
> follow the deadline date for reception of the projects. The Jury will
> hold
> session with absolute majority (seven of its members).
> The Jury will make its verdict known within the fifteen (15) days that
> follow the date of its appointment. The organizers will send written
> notice
> to the selected artists, communicating the Jury's verdict.
> The organizers will establish the date of appointment of the Jury.
>         7.4. VERDICT
> The Jury will only come to a verdict with absolute majority (seven of
> its
> members). The verdict of the Jury is final and without appeal.
> The Jury will award a prize of $10,000 to each of the eight (8)
> winners and
> will also award four (4) honorary mentions by order of merit.
>         8.2. VACANT PRIZES
> The Jury holds the right to declare the prizes vacant, but will not
> award
> partially shared prizes. In case of declaring a prize vacant, the Jury
> will
> fully explain its motives.
> a) Participating in this prize implies knowledge and acceptation of
> these
> Regulations.
> b) No participant may submit any claim before the organizers or carry
> out
> any legal or administrative action with the intent to debate the
> verdict or
> members of the Jury. The decisions of the Jury are without appeal.
> c) The organizers will negotiate with the authors of the winning
> projects
> the time and expenses required for the realization of the works and
> the
> specific conditions for each case.
> d) Any decision taken by the organizers in reference to the
> unfeasibilitay
> of any project is final and without appeal.
> e) The organizers agree to publish in national communication media the
> list
> of selected artists for each stage of the prize, and to grant them a
> diploma crediting their standing.
> f) All works presented can be publicly exhibited, after the verdict of
> the
> Jury about each of the stages is made known.
> g) Scale models, plans and other materials presented to the prize,
> either
> selected or not, shall become part of the patrimony of the City of
> Buenos
> Aires, although they may not be used for commercial purposes.
> h) The organizers hold the right to publish reproductions and photos
> of the
> projects and scale models in any kind of graphic, audiovisual or PC
> material.
> i) The sculptures, once erected in the Memorial Park shall become part
> of
> the patrimony of the City of Buenos Aires, and the winning artists
> waive no
> rights thereon.
> j) Any aspect not provided for in these Regulations shall be solved by
> the
> organizers, without appeal.
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Additional information about this Prize may be requested personally of
> by
> Mail at:
> TEL.: (00-54-11) 4338-3000
> E.mail: com_monumento_ar@hotmail.com
> You may also obtain information at:
> www. desaparecidos.org.ar
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> ANNEX I (send by duplicate)
>                   ENTRY FORM
> Personal Data:
> Names:
> Family Name:
> Identity Document #:
> Birth date:                     Nationality:
> Marital Status:
> Profession or Occupation:
> Address:
> City:
> State or Province:               Country:
> Zip Code:                       Telephone:
> Fax:                            E.mail:
> Date of entry:
> ------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------
> Participant's signature                           Received by
>                                                 "Comisión Pro
> Monumento a las
>                                                  Víctimas del
> Terrorismo de Estado"
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> "I declare under oath that the work presented is original and of my
> personal conception and autorship, and that it has been drawn and
> projected
> by me".
> Signature:
> Full name:
> Identity Document #:
> Address:
> City:
> State or Province:                  Country:
> Zip Code:                       Telephone:
> Fax:                            E.mail:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

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