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        ON SITUATION IN MACEDONIA           	Wed, April 14, 1999


... The crisis provoked by the military actions against FR Yugoslavia is 
becoming more and more evident in the every day life in Macedonia...The Red 
Cross is making efforts to register the refugees sheltered in households in 
Macedonia...Until today, 7.362 people are evacuated from Macedonia... CRS ( 
Catholic Relief Services) are in charge of the camp Brazda...AAH (Action 
Against Hunger) is delivering fresh food to the refugees in the host 


The crisis provoked by the military actions against FR Yugoslavia is 
becoming more and more evident in Macedonia. The Government will prepare a 
programme in order to help the enterprises get over the problems.This 
programme will be prepared for those enterprises that used to work 
successfully, but are now directly effected by the situation in FR 


The UNHCR is working on evidencing and registration of the Kosovo refugees 
in Macedonia. The registration is going faster in the camps. The UNHCR is 
also, together with the Red Cross, is making efforts to register the 
refugees accommodated in host households. They are expecting that the whole 
process will be over in two weeks.


In the few previous days, from Saturday till yesterday, 2 trains and a 
dozen of cars with a total number of about 2.000 refugees arrived at border 
passing Blace. The UNHCR is expecting a new wave of refugees. There are 
some indications that a great number of people are already in the trains in 
Prishtina, and that their arrival in Macedonia is expected. About 200 
people have illegally passed the border at the village Tanushevci north 
>from Skopje. Today, at 10:00 A.M., a train with refugees arrived at the 
border passing Blace. The UNHCR is expecting that they will enter the 
Macedonian territory and will be registered during the day. According to 
the Mistry of internal affairs, today till 1PM, 2.000 refugees have entered 
Macedonia on the passing Blace.
The UNHCR is ready to accept the refugees. They also stated that talks have 
been made with the Macedonian government concerning the extending of the 
camps capacities and opening some new locations to accept the refugees.
The estimations of the events in the other side of the border, in Kosovo, 
are that about 50.000 people from the surroundings of Uroshevac  are 
expected to arrive in Macedonia.

Refugee centers

NATO is finishing  it's logistic support in cmp organising. They are being 
handed over  to NGO's and NATO is getting back to it's regular activities 
concerning the mission of implementation of the peace agreement in Kosovo, 
stated the spokesman of NATO in Skopje.
The authority to run the Camp Bojane is handed over to the humanitarians 
>from Turkey that are coordinated by the Turkish government. They are taking 
care of all the needs of the refugees and are coordinating the activities 
in the camp. On 13th  of April there were 2.600 people staying  in the 
camp. Humanitarians from Turkey  told us that they are negotiating with the 
Macedonian authorities about extending the camp for capacity of about 

Air Bridge

Till yesterday late in the afternoon, 554 refugees left for Germany, 107 
for Norway and 65 for Turkey.
On today's press conference representative of the UNHCR stated that, so 
far, there are 7.362 persons from Kosovo  evacuated from Macedonia and 
transferred to  Germany, Norway, Island, Turkey, Israel and Poland.
Macedonian government gave the number of 24.500 refugees that have left 
Macedonia included those transported to Albania by busses.


In order to provide more efficient information for the foreign humanitarian 
NGO's that work in Macedonia, the Ministry of External Affairs, together 
with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, will 
prepare  a guide for the registration procedure according to the 
legislation in our country.
CRS( Catholic Relief Services) are responsible for the camp Brazda where 
about 20.000 refugees are staying. All the needs for food and water(non 
sparkling and low sparkling) in the camp are satisfied. Two days ago, this 
organisation has started with food distribution to the refugees staying 
with families in Macedonia. Every refugee gets a parcel that contains: oil, 
flower, bean, sugar, soap and pare of blankets. On Monday  the help was 
distributed in 7 towns in the eastern part of Macedonia(Gevgelija, 
Valandovo, Berovo, Delcevo, Kocani, Vinica and Radovish), and during 
yesterday in 4 towns in western part of Macedonia( Ohrid, Resen, Bitola and 
Gostivar). CRS is getting 10-11 trunks of flower every day from 
AAH( Action Against Hunger)are supplying  with  fresh food the refugees 
that are staying with the families in Gostivar, and are working on 
coordination  together with the other humanitarian organisations as well.
Since the refugee crisis began UNICEF has distributed essential drugs, 
emergency health supplies and oral rehydration salts to primary health 
centres in Tetovo, Gostivar, Skopje and Kumanovo. In response to the 
immediate needs of refugee children, high protein biscuits and hygiene kits 
have been distributed in camps and to those living with host families.
UNICEF delivered five 4x4 vehicles to the Ministry of Health for use with 
mobile medical teams to cover hard-to-reach areas where refugees hosted in 
families pose an additional workload for health facilities.
Yesterday some 10.000 diapers and 2.000 baby blankets, a donation from 
UNICEF UK, were distributed to the Brazda, Stenkovec, Radusa and Bojane 
camps. Baby food, tinned food and hygiene items have been distributed to 
refugees accommodated with host families.
Vaccines procured by UNICEF for an immunisation campaign to cover children 
both in camps/collective centers and in host families have arrived in 
UNICEF and ICRC, in co-operation with CARE Austria and Save the Children 
UK, is working on tracing and family reunification. Teams have been 
established in all camps and the registration process started on 6 April. 
To date, 110 unaccompanied children have been registered, and the priority 
is to trace and reunify those children who are alone. Some 600-refugee 
parents are looking for their children.
A school for refugee children was organised by residents in Neprosteno 
camp. Refugee teachers are organising outdoor classes for 100 children, 
with school activities focusing on four subjects: mathematics, language, 
music and art. UNICEF will provide desks and notebooks and will also 
initiative education activities in other camps.

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