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Syndicate: Geopolitics&Art (3), Ljubljana/Celje, 15-17 April 99

"T H E   W O R L D   O F   A R T"   P R E S E N T S :

Series of lectures
Each month in Ljubljana (ekuc Gallery) and Celje (Galerija sodobnih
umetnosti), Slovenia.

Thursday, 15 April  at 8 p.m (Ljubljana) and Friday, 16 April at 7
p.m. (Celje)

JAROSLAV ANDEL - ArtAEs shifting Grounds: The Case of
Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic

The lecture will explore shifting perspectives fostered by the
political transformation of Central and Eastern Europe. It will
reflect on the changing role of art in the field of production,
distribution, and reception of works of art manifested in specific
examples in one country. Individual examples will be discussed in a
broader geopolitical context with regards to the emerging interplay
between the global and the local.

Next lecture: DuUEan Rutar: Digital Aesthetics, global Images and Ethics of New
Tribalism (22. - 23. April)

The World of Art is an educational project (including 10-months
curatorial workshop, series of lectures, seminars, study excursions)
organized by SCCA-Ljubljana. The program for 1999 was conceived by
Alenka Pirman, Lilijana Stepancic, and Igor Zabel. The series of
public lectures on Geopolitics and Art is organized in collaboration
with ekuc Gallery, Ljubljana, and Zavod za kulturne prireditve Celje.


SCCA-Ljubljana, Vegova 8, 1000 Ljubljana. +386 61 126 21 92.

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