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Syndicate: Aftermath

    DISCLAIMER: I'm not affiliated with any of the sides in current conflict
    on Balkans. I'm a 21 years old student of computer sciences at the
    University of Belgrade. I don't support violence as a way of solving any
    conflict. You are about to read only one tiny part of my experiences
    concerning goddamned war in my living environment.

    In the past two days NATO strikes intensified. The most probable reason
    for that is forthcoming G-8 summit. Last night, I saw couple explosions
    (cruise missiles) in north-western part of Belgrade from my balcony.
    I also heard heavy AA defence gun fire during the attack on southern
    parts of the city (I could not see them all, because nearby buildings
    are partly closing my view).

    Real hell was in the other parts of Yugoslavia in the past two days...

    Aleksinac (small town of miners, 200 km south from Belgrade) aftermath:

    - 16 civilian houses flattened to the ground.
    - 3 buildings with 200 apartments damaged and not usable anymore.
    - Hospital and trauma centre heavily damaged.
    - 12 confirmed civilians died.
    - More than 30 wounded.
    - Not one military target destroyed.

    Nish (second largest city in Serbia, 300 km south-eastern from Belgrade
    and 100 km eastern from Prishtina) aftermath:

    - Tobacco factory hit. Total nonsense.
    - My friend from Nish told me on the phone that "one missile hit
      something near the bus station, which is damaged. Bombs fell in the
      centre of Nish also, and a few buildings which belong to University
      of Nish are damaged (Faculty of agriculture).
    - Some (long time empty) military barracks on the periphery is hit.

    Chachak (a town in southern Serbia) aftermath:

    - Largest factory of home and kitchen devices totally devastated.
      I never saw such a destruction in my life. Factory sections for
      production of vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and electric ranges are
      flattened to the ground. Total idiocy.

    Prishtina (multiethnic city, the capital of southern Serbian province
    of Kosovo, 150.000 citizens) aftermath:

    - Whole block of civilian buildings destroyed.
    - The exact number of casualties not available yet.
    - Many nearby government buildings damaged.
    - The same military barracks in Prishtina were hit for the seventh
      time in the past two weeks (barracks are evacuated long time ago).
    - Some (unconfirmed) reports say that one missile missed its target
      and hit one graveyard, damaging some 50 graves and a nearby chapel.

    I notice that all of that is VERY strange way of stopping anything
    or anybody on Kosovo... I can only see the anger, not the fear,
    growing in the eyes of people in Yugoslav cities... :-((


            Slobodan Markovic   | http://solair.eunet.yu/~twiddle
            Internodium Project |

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