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Syndicate: CNN and US politics...

sometimes it is amazing to what extent CNN *news* and US *politics* come
together. the following is taken from the CNN interactive map.
http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/1998/10/kosovo/ ; click "Refugee Relief"

   Norway plans to house around 6,000 refugees, placing them at refugee
centers around the country. 

   The 15-member European Union plans to house 20,000 ethnic-Albanian 
   refugees with Germany agreeing to shelter 10,000. 

   Turkey has already accepted 8,000 refugees and has said that it will
take in 
   another 18,000 of the displaced. It has made it clear that the refugees 
   should return to their homeland once peace is restored in the Balkans. 

   Australia on April 10 suspended its plans to take in 4,000 
   refugees after the United Nations called for a temporary 
   halt to relocations to countries far from Europe.

   Canada has agreed to house and feed 5,000 refugees in the 
   provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Instead of using makeshift tent 
   camps as originally planned, the refugees will be housed at army barracks. 

   The United States had offered to temporarily house upto 20,000 
   refugees at the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. But officials 
   say that plan may no longer be needed as refugees want to be close to

canada only agreed to take refugees a few days ago, after the US had to
exercise severe *verbal* pressure on the goverment in canada. as we can see
on the interactive map of CNN, canada will house 5,000 refugees (in army
barracks). so what about the US? they offered to "temporarily house upto
20,000 refugees", however, "officials say that plan may no longer be needed
as refugees want to be close to Kosovo". 

why exercising pressure on canada, which is just as *distant*. and, more
interstingly, how did officials of the US arrive at the conclusion that
refugees on the whole would like to say close to home. i assume that to be
a logical conclusion, and the fact that albania currently has already
opened their borders for 310,000 refugees (source ORF) indicates that. i am
 amazed how CNN can get away with putting those two *realities* so close to
each other in text.

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