Andreas Broeckmann on Tue, 13 Apr 1999 10:38:19 +0100

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UPDATE 13.04., 10.30 - syn-bud 23-25 april

UPDATE 13.04., 10.30 - syn-bud 23-25 april

(it looks as though there will be support towards travel costs from
APEXchanges for easterners as well as westerners. we are now trying to
figure out how we can best process this money, so i cannot give a guarantee
at the moment.)

the following has been confirmed:

*PARTICIPANTS (dates are of arrival and departure; accommodation&travel info)

- Inke Arns (22-25; travel and acc.?)
- Kit Blake (22-25; needs any kind of acc., can be cheap hotel; train from
Rotterdam, arr. Thu 13:03 Bp Kel, dept. Su)
- Andreas Broeckmann (22-25; needs any kind of acc., can be cheap hotel;
train from Berlin, arr. Thu 19.19 Bp Kel., dept. Su 18.00; APEX)
- Nina Czegledy (Budapest)
- Adele Eisenstein (Budapest)
- Honor Hagar (21 - 26; needs free acc.)
- Vesna Manojlovic (23-25; accommodation OK; flying from Sofia, not
entirely sure)
- Iliyana Nedkova (23-25; accommodation OK; flying from London; APEX)
- Miklos Peternak (Budapest)
- Florian Schneider (?; driving from Munich)
- Janos Sugar (Budapest)
- Andrea Szekeres (Budapest)
- Herwig Turk (dates?, accommodation OK?; driving from Vienna)

*TRAVEL (please, contact these people directly)

Florian Schneider, driving from Munich, 2-3 places (dates not fixed)
Herwig Turk, driving from Vienna, 2-3 places (dates not fixed) <>

*ACCOMMODATION (contact through Adele Eisenstein <>)

Vesna Manojlovic may be able to find some acc for others if needed


- deep europe/border/camp complex (Florian Schneider)