Andreas Broeckmann on Mon, 12 Apr 1999 15:16:39 +0100

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Syndicate: meeting in Budapest 23-25 april

dear friends,

(please, if you want to come to budapest, respond quickly!)


discussions on and off the list about the meeting in budapest (re-directed
from belgrade) are indecisive, but there seems to be no important reason
for not holding this meeting; it will not preclude other meetings which we
can hopefully hold asap in skopje or belgrade, depending on the military
and the political situation. also, for those people who cannot or don't
want to come now: this will be an informal meeting for those people who
wish to stick their heads together, and if you don't have the time, cannot
make it or don't see the point for such a meeting now, please, don't feel
obliged. hungary is still pretty much central, it's easy to get to by air
and by train and the visa situation seems to be relatively easy. it is
unclear whether people from yugoslavia can travel there - at the moment,
this still seems to be possible without problems for women, but we hope
that some of the yu-syndicalists who are in budapest already can join the
meeting, plus some others who want to go back to novi sad or belgrade after
the weekend. (the presentation and discussion that is planned in budapest
this week would have been a good opportunity to connect the meeting to, but
of those people who had already said they wanted to come for the meeting,
most could not come this week but only next week, so we will have to stick
with the original dates, 23-25 april.)

the precise programme for the meeting will be decided on the basis of what
the participants feel necessary. i see three important areas of discussion
that could probably each fill more than a day ...:
- what should be done at this point? (incl. concrete contingency planning)
- the syndicate at war
- the long-term future of deep europe
(further suggestions, additions and comments should probably best be sent
over the list?)

i'll keep this announcement short, there will be more news in the coming days:


- the dates are Friday 23 - Sunday 25 April (some people will arrive on 22
- the meeting will be hosted by C3 and will take place there (details to
follow); we will have online connections there etc. so we will be able to
e-mail and maybe do some online (IRC) conferencing (whether we will do a
public event is to be decided, it will partly depend on the outcome of the
discussion and presentation in budapest on 14-16 april)
- at this moment, we have no funding for the meeting, so that you have to
expect for the moment that you have to cover your full costs (we will try
to arrange private accommodation for those who want it); we hope to have
news from APEX later today about whether or not they can contribute to
travel costs


* those of you who want to join the meeting (incl. people from budapest)
should let us know (on <>, preferably not via the list), and
also say whether you need accommodation and for which nights, and how much
you can afford to spend

* people in budapest should say whether they can offer accommodation to
others (how many?) and give details regarding what they can offer
(floor-space, beds, palaces, ...)

* people going to budapest by car, from wherever, should also notify this
if they have room in the car and could take others

so much for the moment,

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