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Syndicate: short report about mikro.lounge [7 April 1999]

[Dear friends, just a short report on what's been going on here....
greetings, -i]

mikro.lounge #13 -- small media vs mass media in (ex-)YU

Wednesday, 7 April 1999, WMF, Johannisstr. 19-20, Berlin-Mitte, 
8 p.m. -- 1 a.m.

We started this mikro.lounge with apsolutno's video "Good Evening" (1996),
a *grand* opening. Thanks to Stephen Kovats, who brought video material
from the ostranenie archive in Dessau, we were able to screen several
videos e.g. by Aleksandar Davic ("Eyewitness") and B-92 video productions
from 1996-97. Then, Fabian Schmidt, a specialist on Albanian & Kosovo
history, ex-OMRI (Prague) and a former media specialist for the OSZE in
Albania gave a sort of crash course about the history of the region. Bojana
Pejic, historian and art critic based in Berlin since 1991 talked about the
meaning of the Kosovo myth in official Yugoslav politics. This first part
was followed by questions from the public, and a discussion about the
current (as of Wednesday) political situation in YU, about the role of
independent media and the current situation of critical voices within YU. 

After that first part Tilman Baumgaertel, Berlin-based journalist and mikro
member who co-moderated the lounge, and I presented some of the so-called
"small media" (e-mail, mailing lists, etc.) which have gained such an
importance in the current situation for enabling / continuing communication
other than what's presented in the mass media.
Tilman talked about the role of Zamir <> back in 1992,
mentioning of course Wam Kat's by now famous diary, and about eGroups:
Kosovo Reports <>. I introduced
the Syndicate network <>, and read some excerpts from
(anonymized) mails that have been exchanged via the mailing list. I also
mentioned the Zaginflatch Newsletter, which is published by the Zagreb
Anarchist Movement <>.
And, of course, we told the story of the closing-down of Radio B-92 (24
March and 2 April), gave some background information on the role of B-92
within YU, and donated the money mikro got that evening to HelpB92
<>. There were about 90 people that night. 

Bojana, Stephen, Vali, Thorsten, please add things in case I forgot them....

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Best wishes,

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