Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 7 Apr 1999 16:31:20 +0100

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URGENT belgrade->budapest meeting / APEX news

folks, here's some news regarding the planned syndicate meeting which we
will have to move from belgrade to budapest:

i just talked to the woman from APEX and she says:
- the syndicate meeting in belgrade has been given the maximum grant of US$
2.500 (you did well, katarina, writing that application! congratulations!
she said that the sentence 'bringing the syndicate home' was
heart-rendering ...)
- this money CAN be diverted for an alternative meeting in budapest
- the money can be spent on travel only (not accommodation or other), but
it can cover travel costs for both 'westerners' and 'easterners'
- she will need an organisation in budapest that can process the money, and
i suggested that C3 can do this; it would be necessary that she receives
the address etc. so that she can prepare the official confirming letter
which she will send out next week (but the info is trustworthy, so we can
start spending the money ... ;-) [adele, can you send the necessary details
to "Maaike Fekkes" <>, please?]

the following needs discussion - everything is up for grabs:

how to spend it? here is my suggestion:

- first, we have to agree on the dates; see the next mail on this and

- everybody who wants to come should come as cheaply as is humanly
possible, in order to stretch the funds; everybody should try and get their
travel funded through other sources, or pay for it themselves if they can;
real travel costs that remain should be covered as far as possible by the
APEX money which should be split evenly and according to need - i believe
that we can work out a formula that is fair; everybody must understand that
the objective is to bring everybody who wants to come, and that everybody
is welcome and will hopefully get the share of the APEX grant that they
need; we own this money collectively

- so, as soon as we have agreed on this (maybe by tomorrow, thursday
morning) we should post the news on the list and see who else wants to
come, and take it from there ...


from the APEX application:
Belgrade and Yugoslavia are a special case, because over the past 18
months, the group of list-subscribers from Yugoslavia has grown faster than
in any other country, so that this is now the largest group of Syndicalists
from any one country. The idea of a Syndicate meeting in Belgrade (and a
visit to Novi Sad) are therefore like 'bringing the Syndicate home'. At the
same time, the political situation in and around Yugoslavia makes it
particularly important to make an implicit statement, through this meeting,
that Yugoslavia is still an inherent and necessary part of Europe, and that
the ties between friends and colleagues are still intact.