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Yesterday was 06. April. Sarajevo was liberated from the Fascists on that
day 54 years ago. On that same day 7 years ago, Yugoslav army started
defending "poor Serb people" by bombing and destroying Sarajevo and its
citizens. We organised a photo exhibition yesterday in the ruins of the
main Sarajevan post office (destroyed by the helpless Serb defenders on the
02. May 1992) by two authors - Nusret Halacevic and Jasmin Prolic.
Halacevic was born 99 years ago and died 21 years ago, and was one of the
first photographers in Sarajevo. Prolic was born 29 years ago and is still
alive. Two generations and two eras met in one time&space and showed the
tranquility of Sarajevo a century ago, as well as the stresfulness of today. 

Today is a very nice Spring time day here, perfect for a nice stroll.

Enes Zlatar,
on behalf of Caritas&Merhamet&Dobrotvor&LaBenevolencija

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